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Solar Stocks Continue to Follow thru on recent Rally

Solar Stocks and Market Commentary with J Peter Lynch

Point Roberts, South Salem, New York - September 17 , 2010 -, a leader in cleantech stock research tools issues new solar stocks commentary from solar contributor, J. Peter Lynch.

Solar Stocks Commentary with J Peter Lynch -
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Solar Stocks Continue to Follow thru on recent Rally

As I said in my last article over the past few months the market has been one of those “trendless” markets that can drive investors crazy and make it very difficult to make money. The markets as a whole are still in a longer term down trend but one day the market drops over 100 points and the next it moves up over 200 points, but that is the recent volatility that we will have to learn to live with.

However, quietly behind the scenes the solar sector has continued to come alive and more and more of the solar stocks have been showing strength with 21 of our 22 stocks now above their 50 day moving averages.

As any of you longer term readers know I have always said that two of the keys to successful investing are:

  1. Stocks moving above (positive) their 50 day average is a good short term trading tool; and
  2. Looking at the relative strength of all of the solar stocks compared to the market will tell you which solar stocks are the “strongest stocks” and therefore which stocks will tend to be the leaders in the next big up move.

The recent action, shown below, clearly shows that the solar sector after dramatically underperforming the major indexes on a year to date basis has dramatically outperformed the major indexes (gained significant relative strength compared to the market) since June 1 2010 by roughly a factor of 5 to 1.

SymbolCurrent Price% change since 6/1/2010%Change YTD
ASTI 2.96 -1.9868-44.15
CSIQ 13.09 10.37-54.58
CSUN 4.38 23.0337 -5.1948
DSTI 1.7 -2.8571 -53.97
EMKR 0.85 -16.5686-20.4673
ENER 4.89 -4.4922 -53.74
ESLR 0.62 -30.4494 -59.0066
FSLR 144.74 35.13 6.9
JASO 7.36 59.31 29.12
JKS 28.91 179.59 0
LDK 8.2 46.17 16.98
RSOL 2.67 -23.2759 -17.3375
SOL 10.3 87.96 116.39
SOLF 11.7 69.57 53.34
SOLR 7.9 48.5 42.09
SPIR 4.09 18.5507 -23.69
SPWRA 12.33 0.6531 -47.93
STP 8.86 -10.0508 -46.72
TSL 27.94 67.81 3.539
WEST 0.71 -13.7195 -43.4
WFR 11.41 7.845 -16.23
YGE 11.74 31.76 -25.74
Average Gain for solar Stocks26.49%-11.08%
Major Indexes
S&P 500 1124.66 5.04 0.86
Dow Jones 10594.83 5.69 1.6
NASDAQ 2303.25 3.64 1.5
Average Gain for Indexes4.791.32

Who really knows the reason why this is happening? Actually it does not matter, all that matters is that it very apparent that the sun is currently shining on the solar segment of the market at this time and that this segment is clearly gaining strength relative to the general market.

Mr. Lynch has worked, for 33 years as a Wall Street security analyst, an independent security analyst an investment banker and private investor in small emerging technology companies. He has been actively involved in following developments in the renewable energy sector since 1977 and is regarded as an expert in this field. He was the contributing editor for 17 years to the Photovoltaic Insider Report, the leading publication in PV that was directed at industrial subscribers, such as major energy companies, utilities and governments around the world. He is currently a private investor and advisor to a number of companies. He can be reached via e-mail at: Please visit his website for the promotion of solar energy -

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the research published are those of the individual companies and writers and not necessarily those of® or any of the industry sector portals. At the time of publication, writers may hold positions in the stocks or companies mentioned.

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