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Advertising on and our blogs - sponsored guest posts, native ads, sponsored branded content, text links, native ads, news release publishing and more

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Sponsored Guest Posts

Sponsored content and guest posts - $100 payable by PayPal the same day or prior to posting . Content must be relevant to our investing /business/finance themes or sectors we cover. Sectors we cover in include tech, bitcoin and blockchain, biotech, mining, energy, renewable energy, water stocks, marijuana and hemp stocks, food and beverage (including organic and LOHAS, wine), defense and security including biometrics, Latin America, sports, entertainment, luxury brands and gaming.

The articles should be checked for grammar and spelling errors and should be paid for prior to publication. Send us articles in a word document and include and meet the guidelines below.

Guidelines: must include headline, contact info and source

If you want your article indexed as news by Google news and RSS syndication the price is $199 payable by PayPal but the article must be a quality well written article that has relevance in its sector and approved editorially for news submission. This article if approved will also be published on our social media profiles via RSS (over 32,000 Twitter followers)

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*Make sure to provide a reference for you post with PayPal payment and contact us once payment is made. Please note we publish Monday - Friday only.

Sponsored Articles and Product Reviews - we write for you

We can create and write a sponsored article, guest post or product review for you and your product/service.

The article will be featured on our home page for the day will be promoted on our social media channels and syndicated through our RSS feeds on Google News, Apple news and more. Articles will be archived a minimum of 3 years on the site.

Contact us by email or phone (800-665-0411) to discuss prices and where to send samples for product reviews.

Native Ads - we can place your native ad displayed within our home page news stream. Your ad will be placed near related content.

Other ways to advertise: Publish a press release - starting at just $100 it's the best way to make your company visible, Our newswire is picked up by Google news and many syndication partners. Start here

Advertising we accept: text links, banner ads, press releases, advertorials, video and more- prices starting at $100 and up

Ask us about a bundled program combing all of the above.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship for crypto and blockchain stocks and companies:

Crypto Corner at - News on what's driving the Cryptocurrency Market

Become a sponsor and your company /brand will be featured daily for the month.

Sponsorship for cannabis stocks and companies: potcasts - podcasts and daily press release featuring annabis news and stocks to watch plus insight from thought leaders and experts

Your company can be a featured sponsor of the podcast and the accompanying press release for the month ; be seen and heard 20 times for the month!

Sponsorship for sports and esports stocks and companies:

Play by Play – the latest sports headlines and sports stock news

Play by Play - the latest sports headlines and sports stock news

Become a sponsor and your company /brand will be featured daily for the month. - learn about our newswire, social media and PR Services

Learn more about our services for publicly traded and private companies and more... We cover the hottest sectors!

Investor Ideas Newswire can help make you one of the most talked about companies (or stocks) on social media and the news. We give you much, much more social media coverage than any other newswire!

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Our distribution also includes News apps, global syndication...

See a list of our news syndication partners - your news is published here too!

Tag your Brand: Product Reviews and Brand Positioning for Private and Publicly Traded Companies will write an exclusive product review and position your brand in an industry article ( plus one image) . The article will include an industry overview with market research and also include 3 competitive or similar products and services.

The idea is to connect an already established consumer audience that follows similar brands to your product. This is a great way to advertise the benefits and features of your products in the company of your industry peers.

We will socially hashtag all the keywords related to your industry sector.

What you get:

Industry article published on major newswire (1 day)

Published on for 2 days, plus social media for 2 days

Product review you can include in your media profile on your site.

What we need: Product images, samples if possible and product demo or info on site

Your news will be published on Google news, , Bing, Apple News, Flipboard, Stocktwits, (if symbol allows), Seeking Alpha plus our blogs and other sites we own and RSS feeds for news syndication globally. We put your #hashtags and $cashtags right in the headlines - so your news is distributed on social media in a way that gives you instant eyeballs. Your Hashtags are immediately picked up on Twitter, Facebook social media profiles and more.. On the second day we will change the headlines for the social media postings using different keywords and hashtags for increased exposure and run your news through social media again. Get the social media buzz your news does not get with other newswires. We send you a report at the end of the day to see where your news is published. We send you a report at the end of the day to see where your news is published.

Cost $3000 (US) payable by PayPal

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