Crypto Corner at - News on what's driving the Cryptocurrency Market

Crypto Corner at - News on what's driving the Cryptocurrency Market

Host: Sam Mowers

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Crypto Corner Podcast and Transcript:

#CryptoCorner: BTC Recovers $10K Support before Weekend, China Recognizes Bitcoin as 'Virtual Property', Bundesbank President Praises Libra and Binance Jersey Lists GBP-Backed Stablecoin

#CryptoCorner: Libra Grilled by Congress and G7, Japan Proposes SWIFT-like Crypto Payments Network and Coinbase Announces 3 New Trading Signals for Platform

#CryptoCorner: BTC Drops Below $10K, Libra Grilled by Senate, Germany's Finance Minister Criticizes Libra and France to Introduce New Crypto Regulations

#CryptoCorner: IMF Report Looks at Rise of Digital Money, Binance May Open South Korean Branch, Bitcoin Suisse Applies for Swiss Banking License

#CryptoCorner: Market Takes a Dive Over Weekend, Japan Sets Up Working Group for Libra Ahead of G7, UK Crackdown On “Dirty Money” and Korean Credit Card Giant Wins Blockchain Patent

#CryptoCorner: Trump Tweets About Bitcoin and Libra, Bank of England Governor Addresses Libra, Litecoin Named Official Crypto of Miami Dolphins

#CryptoCorner: BTC Drops Nearly $2K After Brief Bull Run, Binance Announces 2.0 With Margin Trading, Canada Amends Crypto Regulation

#CryptoCorner: BTC Breaks $13K Again, Facebook Has No Plans to Launch Libra in India, Binance Launches Fiat-Enabled Singapore Branch and Visa Invests Millions in Crypto Startup Anchorage

Crypto Corner Special Edition: Genesis Blockchain Technologies @GenesisBlockch Founder and CEO Talks about Expansion of Partnership with Gopher Protocol Inc. (OTC: $GOPH)

#CryptoCorner: BTC Nearing $12K Again, Singapore Proposes Crypto Exemption from GST, Libra Causes ECB Board Member Calls for Regulation

#CryptoCorner: Tezos Blockchain Being Utilized by BTG Pactual and Dalma Capital for STOs, Venezuela's Maduro Orders Central Bank to Accept Petro

#CryptoCorner: Libra Scrutinized in U.S., UK and Japan, Cuba Considers Cryptocurrency

#CryptoCorner: ErisX Wins DCO License, Binance to Offer Futures Contracts, Gemini Applying for Broker-Dealer License

#CryptoCorner: Market Pullback, BIS Chief Supporting CBDCs, Xetra Lists First Blockchain Company, Huobi Partners with Nervos for DeFi Services and Busan to Launch Local Crypto

#CryptoCorner: Goldman Sachs (NYSE: $GS) CEO Talks Interest in Crypto, Binance Speaking to Facebook (Nasdaq: $FB) About Libra Listing

#CryptoCorner: Gopher Protocol (OTC: $GOPH) and GBT Technologies Close Agreement to Expand Financial Services, tZERO Launches Crypto App ( $OSTK)

#CryptoCorner: BTC Teases $13K Trading Price as Market Surges, Opera Browser with Crypto Wallet Available for iPhone Users, Square Supports BTC Deposits

#CryptoCorner: JPMorgan to Trial JPM Coin, U.S. Congress Schedules Second Libra Hearing and Global Crypto ATMs Pass 5,000 Count

#CryptoCorner: BTC Breaks $10K in Weekend Market Surge, BIS Report Weighs Risks and Benefits of Tech Firms in Finance and Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin Criticizes Libra Coin

#CryptoCorner: BTC Nears $10K, G7 Task Force to Ensure Regulation for Libra, Russia to Ban Libra? and Bitmain to Pursue U.S. IPO

#CryptoCorner: Libra May Not Launch in India, Australia's NAB Leery of Libra, LINE Close to Licensing for Crypto Exchange and Litecoin Foundation to Launch Crypto Debit Card

#CryptoCorner: Reactions to Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) Libra Following Announcement

#CryptoCorner: Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Releases White Paper for 'Libra', FB Subsidiary Calibra Announced, Ripple Partners with MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI)

#CryptoCorner: BTC Breaks $9K Over Green Weekend, Over 1 Million Daily Active Addresses for BTC, Russia Considering CBDC and OKCoin Partners With Simplex

#CryptoCorner: Binance to Open US Division, Companies Form Governing Consortium With Investment in Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) GlobalCoin

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