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CBD Health and Wellness


May 21, 2021 ( Newswire) If you're a regular user of CBD you probably are pretty well aware of the benefits it offers you health and wellness-wise. However, you may also still be working on figuring out the right dosage for you - so that you can feel the maximum effects for yourself!

There are a few different factors that are going to ultimately influence how much CBD you need to need to intake to be sure you are seeing all of the benefits that you want to.

Know What your Needs are

It's important that you have a purpose and goal in mind before you start taking CBD. Some use it to reduce swelling and inflammation through the body, others are using it to help them get to sleep and reduce the stress they live with every night. CBD has the incredible ability to help with a ton of different conditions, you just need to be SURE that yours are among those!

The first thing you need to consider if you are thinking about using CBD as a medication is just how extreme your pain or symptoms are! This will help you at least gen an initial ballpark as to if you are going to be needing a lot or just enough to feel it. Say for instance you suffer from very painful arthritis that pretty much keeps you from being able to move - well you may need a much higher dose than someone just using it as a simple sleep aid or relaxer. It is ALWAYS going to be best for you to start out with a dose on the lower side and work your way up as opposed to going the other way around.

Reasons to Start Lower

There is definitely a sweet spot when deciding on your CBD dosage and when you start with smaller amounts, you can work your way up to that perfect point without just blowing right past it!

One thing to consider is that some people will just naturally have higher levels of endocannabinoids in their bodies and be tolerant to it so everyone can be different dosage-wise with this and that is normal! The most important thing to consider if you are already a regular CBD user is that it does build up in your system and as time goes on your “tolerance” to it will increase and you will need higher and higher dosages to feel the same effects.

Negative effects are incredibly rare with CBD consumption, the only real issue DOES come from taking too much and building up that tolerance, sometimes to a point that people feel no effects at all taking the same full dosages they would have before. This is incredibly easy to remedy though, all you need to do is take a break for several days - call it a week to be safe maybe - and let your system reset and get back to its natural cannabinoid levels! Then, of course, you may want to start small and work your way up once again to be sure you get the right dose for you, but you should need to consume MUCH less at this point to feel the same effects.

Try Different Consumption Methods and Find the Right One

CBD Wilmington comes in all kinds of different ways to consume. You can get it in edibles like gummies and candy bars, smokables like vapes, capsules to swallow, even lotions that are applied directly to the skin! Everyone can find something that works for them and gives them the dose they need to feel relief.

Gummies & Edibles

Easily one of the most popular and commonly found forms of CBD out there - edibles can be made as gummies, brownies, cookies, candy bars, drinks, pretty much any food you can think of! Depending on your health needs you can find something with or without sugar! Every individual edible in a given package should be the exact same dosage as the next as long as you are buying reputable products from a reputable dealer!


Topicals are going to be anything you just apply directly to the skin such as a lotion, oil, or cream. These are generally best suited to relieve pain and swelling in the direct area they are applied to as opposed to affecting the entire body as other consumption methods may.


They are just what they sound like - capsules filled with some form of ingestible CBD such as an oil or extract. These are best for those that are just looking to take their medicine as quickly as possible with no flavors or taste of any sort.


Tinctures are essentially just a liquid form of CBD that has been processed from the hemp plant. They either come natural with the tinge of hemp-like flavor to them, or they can be flavored with other things to make them more palatable!

Vape Oil

These are oil-based CBD products that are meant to be inhaled NOT ingest. You must have a vaping device like a pen with a controlled heating unit to get the oil to just below combustion temperature which then produces, as you may have guessed, a vapor! This is a fast-acting simple method of consumption that a lot of people end up choosing.

Making the Final Choice for yourself

So, we are going to make it as simple as we can for you to choose the best CBD products for your ailments or needs. Now if you are just suffering from local pain or inflammation in one area then you need to turn to a topical to treat that the best. Otherwise, it really comes down to taste, swallowing, and if you have severe pain or ailments that you are looking to treat then you need to use vapes to treat that quickly and oils to maintain. Vapes deliver the CBD you need extremely fast while oils are strong enough to keep you maintained through hopefully most of the day if you can time them properly and learn your doses! Talk to our CBD Wilmington NC professional staff about what options work best for you. If you don't want to deal with taste or anything else, then just go for capsules. If you want to enjoy the taste, then try some edibles. There are tons of different types of CBD products available to choose from.

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