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Vehicle Branding: 3 Reasons Why You Should Do It


June 26, 2020 ( Newswire) Sometimes, it's good to go back to basics and try out marketing tricks that were used pre-Internet. If you're looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy to up the notch of your business getting noticed, then vehicle branding may just be what you need. Vehicles are often advertising space that's overlooked, especially since plenty of businesses favor all the new-age advertising that we have now (flashy billboards, electronic signage, QR codes).

Vehicle branding is easy on the budget. You already have a vehicle, which means you already have an advertising space, so why not use it? You can use your own car, your van, or any vehicle you own to prominently place a sticker with a few words of the merchant's business and contact details to promote their products and service. The best promotional spot for mobile vehicles is the back bumper, next to the car's brand name, and also the front windshield.

It's really an instant marketing campaign that just goes anywhere you go. It works even if you just have one car or a fleet of vehicles because adding your branding decals just helps you leverage on assets you're already using for marketing purposes.

Take advantage of vehicle branding because it's definitely a valuable marketing tool for B2C and B2B markets. It not only reinforces brand awareness, but also attracts a very local crowd. Think about it. If you have a vehicle as assets, that's a high chance that you conduct business within the region by which a vehicle can operate in (unless you're DHL or FedEx), so if your car or truck is driving through the streets of California, there's a high chance you're attracting people within that vicinity. Vehicle branding works for any kind of business, and decals for vehicles come in the form of magnets or stickers, which can be used as mobile advertisements to promote your business locally effectively.

Still need a little more convincing? Okay, here are three more reasons:

  • It creates brand familiarity.

Business prospects and customers prefer to do business with companies that they are familiar with simply because they know the quality and have this trust and bond developed over the years. This is a well-known fact. Whether you drive around in your company car (think Uber) or bicycle (think Deliveroo), van, or truck, branding your vehicle with the right signage on the right location of your vehicle can help customers engage with you and connect you with your target market. You'll increase the familiarity of your brand among the locals simply by driving around town conducting business. If people have heard of you, then chances are they will buy from you when they see your brand.

  • It captures attention.

In the mass sea of greys, whites, and blacks, a red car is bound to stand out. Similarly, a company vehicle is bound to attract attention with colorful branding on them. This is an instant attention puller and a fantastic way to gain recognition, especially if you have a huge event coming up or a product launch. You want to drive by people who have the potential to become your customers. Whether you're at the stoplight, running an errand, or meeting a customer, all of these little activities present an opportunity to reach out to your audience because every person counts in generating those sales.

  • It builds trust.

Businesses that target the local market can perform much better when they have their branding visible to the local community. Branding on a company vehicle creates a professional image for your business, and it also builds trust. Trust is crucial in any kind of business, and it helps navigate a customer's purchasing decision. Parking anywhere will get eyes on your brand, and it also establishes your business in the eyes of your potential customers. Show off your vehicle; show off your brand.

How do I get my vehicle branding right?

As with any branding attempt, you need the right kind of people to work with. Get an overall opinion first in your own company, or at the very least, your marketing department. What are their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions?

Like with any branding or marketing campaign, the first thing is to identify the goal you want. What is it that you want people to do when they see your vehicle? Take photos? Take note of your contact details? Call your business? Visit your shop? Visit your website?

Apart from identifying your goals and objectives, here are some tips on getting your vehicle branding right:

1. Use vehicles in good shape.

There's no way that a business will convey trust and credibility if the branding is on a beat-up car. Not only that, but decals and magnets would also be hard to place on damaged or rusty parts of the vehicle. If you're going to use vehicle branding, make sure that you use a vehicle in good shape.

2. Be a brand ambassador.

Keep in mind that you or any of the company's employees that drive the company vehicles are brand ambassadors of the company. Each time you drive that vehicle out, you're a brand ambassador that promotes a company's professional image. This means you can't be speeding, breaking the rules, running a red light, cursing, cutting people off, or beeping the horn. If this happens, someone will call the number on your vehicle and complain about your behavior on the road, which will cost you your job and your company's image.

3. Work with a professional designer.

This isn't a time and place to DIY. Adding stickers, vinyl, and magnets to your car requires expert and professional help to develop the right kind of branding, and develop the right kind of material that sticks on the car no matter what the climate situation may be like. A professional team such as can help you bring life to your ideas and create dynamic vehicle branding results that will no doubt turn heads, build awareness, and get your marketing message out to the masses.

4. A professional finish

Working with industry experts will also guarantee an exquisite finish to your branding. This includes using the right ink, design, stock, and finish. These experts will also be able to advise on the right kind of material- magnets or decals for your vehicles, so that you get an end result that's waterproof, durable, and UV and water-resistant.

What are the most common types of vehicle brandings?

Usually, when it comes to vehicle branding, you have:

  • Vehicle decals are also known as stickers. These are great for cars, bikes, boats, and trucks. It's the most common form of vehicle branding, and it usually goes with any kind of vehicle. Plus, it's weather and UV-resistant, so you know it won 't be fading off in the sun.
  • Vehicle magnets are useful for companies that want to have the flexibility of taking the branding on and off. Magnets for cars can be easily personalized to include your logo, contact information, and any images you'd like.
  • Car wraps are another way to get the attention of your audience. Car wraps utilize the entire exterior of the car, and it also gives both the company and the creative team a huge canvas to work on in terms of vehicle design. Vehicle wraps can cover the entire body or just part of it.
  • Rear-window decals are popular for vans and utility trucks. In this method, decals are printed on one-way vision vinyl, so that it doesn't obstruct the vision of the driver through the rear window.
  • Perforated self-adhesive vinyl- This option is also given when it comes to smaller stickers that businesses can stick on themselves with minimal effort. If you're on a strict budget, but you still want to utilize the space on your vehicle with your contact details or website, self-adhesive stickers can do just that for you.
  • Car lettering is another cost-effective advertising method for your fleet of vehicles. Usually, car letterings are simple one sentence, one or two-word branding that reflects the brand, or it's a call to action. Car letterings are usually done in a deep rich color tone, so that it can also reflect brightly at night.

Final Thoughts

Make efficient use of the vehicle space you have. Your vehicles are extremely visible, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for you to communicate, engage, and market your brand, your products, and your services. Of course, you want to work with the right kind of experts who can help you create that connection you want between the design and the message of your business via your car stickers, wraps, or magnets. Keep it sleek. Keep it professional. Most importantly, make sure the messaging gets across.

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