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Strasser Capital receives the GO for its second green loan tranche: Double Certification for the MEP Green Financing Programme

Munich-based Strasser Capital GmbH, one of the selected German issuers of the innovative green financing instruments green bonds and loans, receives two Climate Bonds Certifications for its MEP Green Financing Programme.


Munich - October 23, 2017 ( Newswire) Strasser Capital GmBH has announced the second issuance under its MEP Green Financing Programme used for the long-term financing of the solar lease business model of its subsidiary MEP Werke GmbH. Issuance has been scheduled for is Q4 2017 / Q1 2018.

After verification through oekom research AG, one of the world's leading sustainability rating agencies, Climate Bonds has officially certified this second tranche, which consequently can be offered to investors as 'Climate Bond Certified'. Additionally, the first EUR 30 million-tranche, issued in December 2016, has also received Certification. This Climate Bonds Certification officially confirms that the proceeds have been used for their intended green purpose – the refinancing of MEP's first solar lease portfolio with 3,375 solar power systems saving 12.03 million kg CO2 and 15 MWp nominal power.

"We are very pleased that the demand for structured green financing products from private issuers such as the MEP Green Loans continues to grow strongly", says Konstantin Strasser, CEO and founder of Strasser Capital. Recent studies by Climate Bonds and Deutsche Börse published in May confirm the worldwide demand for certified green investment and financing opportunities as well as the impressive growth of the green bond market and its enormous further growth potential.

"From Climate Bonds perspective it is vital to see the private sector engaging and innovating in green finance. Strasser Capital is a pioneer in both German and EU green finance markets, for solar energy and has demonstrated its commitment to best practice by issuing two Certified green loans", states Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative.

Strasser Capital keeps to its proven concept, offering institutional investors the possibility to participate on a long-term basis in MEP Werke's business model through the second green loan tranche. The MEP Green Financing Programme is used to refinance the short-term financing facilities of MEP Werke, which have been used to build up the solar lease portfolios.

MEP Werke has become German market leader in leasing residential solar power systems with long-term contracts to an excess of 7,000 eligible homeowners. Moreover, the Green Financing Programme allows investors and financing institutions to invest in the German private energy transition in an innovative and highly structured format.

About MEP Werke and Strasser Capital

MEP Werke, a subsidiary of Strasser Capital, is headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is one of Germany's leading decentralized energy providers and specializes in leasing solar power systems to German residential homeowners at a fixed monthly rate. The parent company and private equity investor Strasser Capital specializes in clean energy investments and financing solutions throughout the EU, with a focus on solar energy. Together with their partner bank NIBC Bank and its advisor Hexagon Finance, MEP and Strasser Capital developed a unique long-term note issuance programme that is secured against a granular portfolio of MEP solar lease receivables.

For more information, please contact:

Sandra Wagner
Press Officer
0049 / 89 / 442 32 87-695

About the Climate Bonds Initiative:

The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy. More information on our website here.

About Climate Bonds Certification:

Certification is an science -based process carried out by a Climate Bond Standards Advisory Board approved verifier to assure that a climate bond issuance, the nature of the associated low carbon projects or activities and the associated financial accounting systems are in conformance with the Climate Bonds Standard and can gain Climate Bonds Certification.

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Whiley
Head of Communications & Media - Climate Bonds Initiative (London)
+44 (0) 506 270 943 investing ideas in renewable energy stocks

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