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Read the latest news and articles about Homeland Defense and Security Stocks. If you are interested in investing in Homeland Security Stocks this is the place to start! No stock recommendations, just a list of ideas and news on the sector. Weekly and daily Homeland Security Stocks News and Commentary.

Gaming Industry Insights

Gaming Industry Insights is developed by Ann-Marie Fleming in conjunction with and, to provide in-depth coverage of the fast paced gaming industry. helps investors stay on top of current gaming industry news, participating public companies, technological innovations and gaming sector trends.

Renewable Energy Insights

Renewable Energy Insights is developed by Ann-Marie Fleming in conjunction with and (RES), to provide in-depth coverage of the high growth renewable energy industry. RES helps investors stay on top of current renewable industry news, participating public companies, technological innovations, and sector trends.

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Financial Blogs: Stock Market Blogs

Abnormal Returns - A wide-ranging, forecast-free investment blog.

Alchemy Of Trading - Hedge fund pro's live trading diary.

Alternative Energy Stocks - The investor's resource for alternative energy stocks.

Ant & Sons: Word on Wall Street - Ant & Sons is an independent provider of investment commentary, research and news. This blog was created to discuss market trends and strategies, a wide variety of stocks and current events of financial markets. - Tools for investors.

Below The Crowd - Below The Crowd is a forum for discussion of technology, financial markets and the intersection of the two. At times I will discuss related issues in general economics or the political economy.

The Best Damn Tech Stock Blog! - Forum to discuss technology stock ideas.

Between the Hedges - Market summary and commentary by a Portfolio Manager.

Big Ben's Investing Blog - This blog's purpose is to help share information about the financial markets to all investors. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and interest rates will be the main topics of discussion. Also, stock picks and pick performance will be available.

Big Picture - The Big Picture offers "Macro perspectives on the Capital Markets, broad Economy, & Geopolitics. - Bill Cara's (previously TraderWizard) commentary on global markets.

Biodiesel Investing - Focuses on news and current events of biodiesel and other alternative biofuels, with a focus on investment opportunities. includes posts from financial journalists as well as investors and analysts. However, all of the posts are screened by editors.

BlogginWallStreet - In-depth stock market analysis and commentary.

Bond Trader's Blog - Bond market and US economy commentary.

Bubble 2.0 - Talks about high flying stocks that could be overvalued.

The Bull Trader - My blog about trading on the stock market and getting rich.

Burnham's Beat - Bill Burnham's Articles on Software Technology and Investing

Byrne's Marketview - Market commentary with a humorous twist.

Capital Markets & Economic Analysis - Fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market and key economic indicators pertinent to it. Also analysis for bonds, gold and money markets. - A market forecaster with 40 years of experience offers his thoughts on the stock averages, bonds and specualtion.

Charles Z.T.'s Investing Blog - Stock recommendations and analysis from an experienced value investor.

China Stock Blog - News/Analysis of Chinese stocks by Ezra Marbach.

China Net Investor - News on Chinese Internet and Technology Stocks.

CNBC Squawk Box Blog - Squawk-Box-on-CNBC. Crew...Mark Haines, Joe Kernen, David Faber, Steve Liesman. Favorite Things: Top Tier Guests: Instant Coverage of Breaking News: Comprehensive Analysis of Important Issues Before the Financial Markets: A Raucous, Free-Wheeling Discussion and Debate on the Issues of the Day.

The Crazy Trader - This crazy blog focuses on identifying current trends in individual stocks for potential money making trades. The CrazyTrader blog encompasses all aspects of the market in order to maximize the amount of money made by me and my readers.

Curry Blog - Market commentary and investment articles.

Cynic's Delight - Commentary on current events, foreign policy, political economics, currencies and the financial markets.

Daily Stock Trading Weblog - Day trading picks discussed for each market day.

DaytradeTeam: Swing Trading Tips - Swing trading tips and education from the traders at

Day Trading Log - Day Trading Log or Blog where I log all of my trades. You can see how well or how lousy I am doing and hopefully learn at the same time.

the energy analyst - A discussing on investing in the energy sector. Specific emphasis on oil and gas equities.

Enjoy Investing - Anonymous individual investor posts about his hobby

the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on - An objective view of the stock markets using a proprietary modification of the Elliott Wave Theory.

Fallond Trade History - trade diary of stocks featured on

Fat Pitch Financials - Join me in my quest to find dollar bills for 40 cents… Value investing and personal finance discoveries are the focus my articles and research about money.

Fickle Trader - Commentary on stocks in play.

Financial Nirvana - Stock commentary and forecasting. - Looks at the things companies try to hide in their routine SEC filings

Freestyle Day Trader - Day Trading Journal and Stock Analysis.

Fund Industry Discussion Forum - Fund Industry Discussion Forum is an online conversation space for mutual fund/ETF investors & directors slogging their way through a post Spitzer world.

Fund Universe - Mutual Funds, Annuities, Life Insurance and ETFs News and Reviews.

Future Young Millionaires - Aspiring FYMs are college students who dream of making it big. We cover primarily stocks and personal finance.

The Growth Stock Report - The commentary here is directed to active traders. We seek the truth in the markets, and dedicate our analytic efforts towards making an obscene amount of money. Those familiar with William O'Neil's CANSLIM method may find this blog useful.

The Guerilla Trader - A blog for day traders. Highlights include realtime technical analysis and momentum alerts on nasdaq stocks, and a pre market gappers watchlist.

I Buy Shares - A Blog for begginers by a begginer, a daily strive to building a good sound portfolio with limited resources and knowledge!

Infrastructure - Business and stock analysis of companies participating in the semiconductor, semiconductor equipment and flat panel display industries.

In The Money - The purpose of this site is to help you make money, accumulate wealth, manage your finances, and enrich your life.

Internet Investor - Another blog focusing on tech stocks.

Internet Stock Blog - David Jackson of "Seeking Alpha" blogs about Internet stocks.

Inventing Money - Picks and commentary focused on technology stocks.

Investor Intelligence - Commentary on stocks that are on my watch list. Links to articles from financial writers and economists that I respect.

Jaloti - Stock picks from JALOTI (Just Another Loser On The Internet)

Jason Kelly - Jason Kelly - Author of 'neatest little guides' series blogs about his portfolio.

John Mugarian's Investor Alert - An ex-stock broker that is trying to help the little guy to invest in the stock market.

The Kirk Report - Charles E Kirk talks shares his stock picks and trade history.

The Knight Trader - Morning News, Swing Trades, Mojo plays, Position Trades, Options, Stocks up in Pre-Market and Daytrades. 

Land of Black Gold - Reflections on oil, peak oil theory, energy in general, and the investment implications.

The Learning Blog - Thoughts on qualitative and quantitative finance, written by a quant and a deep value investor. Sometimes highly theoretical, sometimes straight single stock discussion. Evolving towards a deep value focus.

The Learning Curve - Muck Dog the trader

Long Term Stock Ideas - This blog discusses about long term stock ideas for savvy investors.

Madd Money - New blog that will track Jim Cramer's show on Mad Money.

Mao Xian - Mao Xian means "take a risk."

Market Junkie - Market Junkie is the premier place on the Web for 100% unbiased and independent stock market and economic analysis. Articles are written with only one interest in mind, the investor's interest.

Market Outperform - Market Commentary, Analysis and Strategies for the Long-Term Investor and Short-Term Speculator.

Market Rider - A stock market blog that discusses trading ideas, analyzes stock market positions and provides commentaries on the different sectors of the financial markets.

Market Timing with Smatty - Efficient and accurate market timing in an easy to swallow capsule. Also, Occasional stock picks, portfolio advice, links and anything else I might come across.

The Media Stock Blog - News and analysis of media and entertainment stocks.

The Microcap Speculator - The Microcap Speculator tracks a professional trader's trials and tribulations as he explores the world of microcap stocks. Features both fundamental and technical analysis, as well as review of stocks to watch.

Mistaken Phil - Phil is a private investor in the UK. He logs his successes and failures as he learns about investing the hard way.

Monty's Bluff - Updated daily with commentary and links to valuable resources for investors who want to learn to better assess top management effectiveness.

My Trading Life - Trading adventures of a new trader.

Nasdaq Trader - Roberto Pedone blogs his take on Nasdaq action.

Nano Tech Stocks - Analysis of Nanotech investments and R&D in Nanotechnology. Using Technicals and Fundamentals. Waiting for the Nanotech Bubble..

Neuro Broker - Daily stock analysis heavily focused on technical analysis.

The next Triple - Stock picking website that looks for the next big winner. This site also picks stocks to short that have extremely extended moves.

O Blog investidor! - Short term investment blog on NASDAQ techstocks with a Blog Portfolio tracking.

One Guy's Investments - The story of one guy's investment portfolio, with in-depth analysis and thoughts on the stocks and funds I've thought about, bought and sold during the learning process. 

Online Trading - Markets, Real Time Commentaries - Online trading, stock markets, investing, financial news, stock brokers, real time market comments, stock quotes, stock charts.

The Peridot Capitalist - Stock Investment blog by Peridot Capital Management.

Power Swings - Teresa Lo - who wrote for several magazines - talks about her PowerTrends method.

Profit Doc - Investment advice, stock analysis and research tools for individual investors.

Profit Prowler - Short term trading blog.

Protected Stocks - Provides original research on index linked notes (aka structured products) trading on the secondary markets. Protected Stocks are obscure and thinly traded. This creates pricing inefficiencies that we can exploit to our advantage.

The Prudent Investor - The Prudent Investor focuses on macroeconomic developments on a global basis. Analyzing financial and political news permanently I want to share my insights with those who understand that we approach an era of global redistribution of wealth.

Public Co$ - Commentary on public companies and money making ideas.

Quantext Portfolio Planner - Discusses strategic stock and bond portfolio allocation, with focus on medium to long-term portfolio management.

Rampant Speculations - Financial markets, geopolitics, general musings, books of interest, paradoxes, fashion models

Random Roger's Big Picture - Portfolio Manager Roger Nusbaum's stock market blog.

Random Stock Market Thoughts - The purpose of this blog is a forum for me to piece together the action of the market and write down my thoughts.

Ravi's Investing Ideas - Offers insight into Ravi's personal portfolio, stock picks, opinions.

ReadingBif - All things related to BIF: Business, Investments, Fun/Interesting stuff from the web.

The Real Returns - Try to understand the real returns provided by different asset classes after the effect of inflation.

RoboTrader - Trading journal of a Canadian "genius."

Ron's Stock 'n Stuffer World - Ron Sen blogs about the market.

Russ Towne's Investment Thoughts - For investors and potential investors who want to learn more about the principals and strategies of: buying stocks of great companies at discounted prices, value investing, how to create a Margin of Safety, Discounted Cash Flow, Intrinsic Value.

Sam Park's Informal Take on Finance and Economics - Straight talk on current financial and economic topics. It's the Wall Street analsis for the taking...

Seeking Alpha - Offers insight into David Jackson's stock ideas, investment strategy and resources.

Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value - In tribute to Benjamin Graham

Schaeffer's market blog - Daily market blog from

Shiau Street - Brian Shiau focuses on fundamental evaluation of tech stocks.

Show me the money - From personal finance to the esoterics of portfolio management - an attempt to simplify understanding of financial and monetary matters.

SixthWorld - Trading, Stock Picks, Elliot Wave Theory, Economic Commentary, Leadership, Management, and Commentary.

Solitaire Trader - Trading journal of a stock trader. Features insider buying and momentum stocks.

The SoothSayer of Omaha - Taking on the Oracle of investment at a time!

The Stalwart - A blog dedicated to markets, finance, and the economy. Written by a professional contrarian.

Stock Draft Picks - Stock Picks. Daily. Come and make money with us.

Stock Insight - This site contains my portfolios, trades, & stock opinions. Also portfolios from different contributors as they are submitted. Stock ideas and trades. All investment questions welcome.

Stock Market Earnings and Swing Trader Report - Author posts his trades on earnings and swing trade stocks. Evaluation of earnings stocks is a priority. - Anonymous user post his investment ideas, along with warnings.

Stock Market Journal - Focusing on precious metal stocks.

Stock Market Signals and Opinions - Technical analysis signals and opinions based on 25 years of experience in the stock market.

Stock Picks Bob's Advice - Bob Freedland's stock picks and advice.

Stock Rake - Stock market trades, picks, and general market comments.

Stock Research - Steve Rubis talks about stocks.

Stocks or Bonds - Commenting on investing opportunities at a sector level.

Tale of the Tape - We use techniques of tape reading, ta, and strict money management to navigate our way through the sea of unlimited investment opportunities.

Taylor Tree - Michael Taylor blogs about stock market, economics, trends, technology.

Tony's Stock Talk - Tony and friends blog about their stock picks.

Trader Gus Blog - Daily updates from an institutional JDSU trader (market maker).

The Trader Log - The Trader Log is another trader blog focusing on commentary, pairs, and program trading.

Trader Mike - Technical analysis based trading journal.

Trader-X - Charts and more charts. Plus sporadic thoughts on the stock market, trading, politics, entertainment, sports, and everything else.

The Trading Desk - Market Insights into FX, Bond and Stock Markets.

Trading Equities Investment Analytics Group - Former Wall St Insider teaches you how to navigate the markets.

TRADING FOR LIVING - get tomorrow's mover today a full-time, home-based short term trader's market diary.

Trading Psychology and Trading Tips - Trading blog with trading insights, discussion on swing trading and day trading, trading psychology, and some occasional laughs.

Trenders - The Trend Is Your Friend Until It Bends.

2dtrading - Technical analysis, daily picks, swing trading, daily commentary, breakout patterns.

Ugly Chart - Beauty is the eye of the shareholder.

Unleashing The Power Of Mediocrity - A Network Admin/Web Development Student at Alfred State Sharing thoughts about stocks to invest in and other random oddities.

The Visual Trader - Technical Analysis of Chart Patterns, Stock Market News, Swing Trades and Position Trades.

The Watchful Investor - Bringing you the underreported, the underappreciated, and the overlooked news from the markets.

Weekly Market Wrap-up - Weekly roundup of financial news.

WershovenistPig - I post stock analysis and investment ideas that catch my fancy and attempt to justify dropping hard-earned cash on them.

xinvesting - Alternative investment ideas...Covering public companies that serve alternative sports and natural lifestyles.


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