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2 + 2 Equals Massive Exposure For Your News!

Are you struggling to get your news noticed by the industry and investors? Look no further! FN Media Group, LLC's online brand and have a long history of building exposure for public companies through their unique styles, perspectives, and distribution.

Exposure Times Two:

With our proprietary 2-day coverage package, your news will gain enhanced exposure & momentum resulting in reaching a wider audience like never before.

By bundling services, you can take advantage of a substantial discount and a coordinated effort to build even more massive exposure for your news reaching a countless number of potential retail investors.


Option B - $6,000 - Enhanced coverage with added exposure/coverage of Digital Media Advertising through Google/Yahoo Native Ads platforms and additional Traffic Generation of 15,000+ reads

Additional Details for our select services:

Ticker Tag Press Releases - FN Media Group is one of the very few select firms able to issue multiple symbol - Ticker Tag Press Releases that greatly enhances the exposure of a company's news. Our Ticker Tag Press Releases are unique and far superior to other forms of these types of press releases simply because our releases are able to reach over 1,000+ financial news sites where others cannot, such as Comtex, StockWatch, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Etrade, TDAmeritrade, SogoTrade, Benzinga, Barchart, TMX Money, QuoteMedia and many, many more Tier One financial sites and blogs. - By being able to include other industry / sector related NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX companies in the same Ticker Tag Press Releases inclusive of your company's news, the chances that your news story will be read by a larger number of retail investors exponentially increases. ;Imagine the power of this type of Press Release when a investor is searching news for a large company such as Apple or Microsoft and under those company newsfeeds they are able to see your news story as well.

Social Networking / RSS News Feed - Operating an exclusive Social Media Network and RSS Feed Platform developed by FN Media Group, News Alerts and Press Releases are instantly pushed and distributed electronically via strategic news feeds and posts to an online investor community of hundreds of thousands of Financial News Sites along with Retail Investors & Financial Professionals that frequently use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other popular social media networks. will feature your company news with sector commentary and insights alongside 2-3 other well-known industry peers that investors and consumers are familiar with. Your approved article will be published on Yahoo Finance via Newsfile Newswire distribution under your stock symbol. We will send you the article for approval before distribution.

The article will also be published on various platforms including Investorideas plus our own distribution of Google News, Bing, Apple News, Quotemedia, NewsNow and more. This will help build awareness for your news and give you instant exposure on social media. Additionally, we will send the article to investors, media, bloggers and influencers in your sector.

Investor ideas will create 2 versions of your article - one for Yahoo Finance with your stock symbol only (as required) and one for distribution and social media with all 4 stock symbols.

Your article will go out through our social media platforms, FaceBook, Linkedin and our 30,000 plus Twitter (X) @InvestorIdeas followers multiple times during the day we publish with different and unique posts each time .Plus we also post it on social media the following day!

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