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Profile Solutions, Inc.

Profile Solutions, Inc. (OTC: PSIQ) designs, develops, manufactures and sells security - based identification products and systems that incorporate state - of - the - art security technology to verify a person's identity, or grant physical access. PSI has developed turnkey integrated applications that incorporate our proprietary Access - It hardware platform: We also integrate our applications with our patented biometric technology for additional security when required. PSI targets the Cannabis Industry, Corporate America and the Consumer as our customer base.

Profile Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD)
Profile Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD)

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About Profile Solutions, Inc.

Profile Solutions, Inc is a developer, innovator, and implementer of security driven technologies that can be deployed in any environment to meet a clients security or regulatory needs. Our primary mission is to protect people, property, infrastructure, and our clients high value assets by mitigating threats, guiding regulatory agencies, and integrating new technologies to provide the security lockdown of physical assets, information, technology, intellectual property, and personal security required in today's society.

Our lead products include our patented proprietary biometric or proximity based access control solutions, known as the Access - it product line, targets recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, retail stores and grow operations.

The Company has also created an on - line store marketing security products, accessories and health products for the MMJ and security industry and consulting advisory services to the MMJ industry.

PSI has developed and is currently marketing a fingerprint / FOB based access control security storage device that can store important valuables and/or critical medications in a climate controlled environment. The storage device will have secure user access.

We can customize products for your marketplace or business. Profile Solutions, Inc engineers products for a diverse base of clients in many technical areas and markets.

Products Overview

  • Access - IT - Proprietary access control solution to verify identity through proximity, mag-stripe or biometric for physical access to buildings, rooms, grow operations or any facility.
  • PSI Patented Biometric platform. The company has created solutions for Law Enforcement, Time and Attendance, and Access Control.
  • Patent pending climate controlled security storage device based on fingerprint / fob based access control.
  • Mulitiple product lines of medical grade CBD and HEMP products.
  • Proprietary line of import accessory products from China.

Competitive Comparison

PSI believes its principal competition will come from existing methods of identification, as well as other companies involved in the sale of security products and general distribution. PSI brings vertical market expertise and a revolutionary product currently not available today. PSI combines various technologies and proprietary hardware and software into one stand alone secure unit. PSI products offer true security identification with our new CannaSafe product. PSI also plans to partner with companies that already have experience and sales in the MMJ industry.


Significant consumer demand has been demonstrated in dispensaries in medical marijuana and recreational states. Primary consumers include people with chronic impairments, and a secondary group of healthy people interested in maintaining their health. PSI will sell through the wholesale channel for products we manufacture and distribute, and target the general consumer through our website for our retail products.


PSI recently expanded operations into the Marijuana (both Medical Marijuana - MMJ and Marijuana - MJ) marketplace providing its proprietary access control, fingerprint security services and solutions, and on-line and independent representation for many industry leaders and game changing technology and health oriented companies.

The combined experience of our management team has been providing business security and surveillance solutions to Florida law enforcement, Fire Departments, Dept of Corrections, Airlines and Fortune 100 corporations since 1999. We have incorporated various Biometric and access control products to meet the high demands for accurate accountability.

The new PSI CannaSafe security solution meets all the criteria, and provides safe, secure and accurate identification solutions for the user or patient. PSI is in the process of applying for intellectual property protection on the CannaSafe.

Profile Solutions has recently partnered with a variety of industry and growth oriented companies in the Cannabis market. PSI is a multi-line distributor, manufacturer of proprietary products for the security and cannabis markets, a worldwide reseller and On-line marketer of industry leading CBD and Hemp products, and exclusive representatives for edible and baked pastry goods and food products. The PSI team is prepared for the Cannabis Industry explosion that is happening now and will continue to grow.

Growth Strategy

We are an innovator and implementer of security driven technologies that can be deployed in any environment throughout the World to meet customer's needs. The PSI plan is to focus efforts towards the Cannabis market to develop an understanding of the always evolving needs of our customers and provide value added solutions to meet their requirements. Our vast experience in the security industry, our expansion into a new emerging growth market, combined with our network of consultants gives us the ability to diversify our business on multiple fronts.

Profile Solutions has established relationships throughout the security market and most recently, partnered with growth oriented companies in the Cannabis industry. Our mission is to establish PSI as a leader in multiple market sectors.

To brand Profile Solutions as the GO TO company for product distribution, and custom security solutions relating to the Cannabis industry.

Profile Solutions MedSafe - Secure Pharmaceutical Depository

The PSI MedSafe is a secure, affordable access control solution for protecting personal belongings or valuables with the touch of a finger or keyfob for positive user access. The PSI MedSafe can be a fridge, floor or wall mounted solution, and can be utilized for residential, commercial or professional use. The product is designed as a secure storage device for critical medications or valuables. Profile Solutions MedSafe

The PSI MedSafe is a temperature controlled unit, that utilizes a keypad or fingerprint recognition technology to allow access to only those whose fingerpr ints are registered. The PSI MedSafe is a standalone unit that includes all the electronics to allow a user to store, delete, and verify fingerpri nts with the use of a numeric keypad.

Stored fingerprints are retained even in the event of power failure or battery drain.

The PSI MedSafe has a WIFI connection to communicate to the user via cell phone or computer. The PSI MedSafe can report important data such as expiration dates, reorder dates, temperature readings, user access, etc.

  • Climate Controlled
  • Biometric, Keypad or Keyfob Access Control
  • WIFI connection with reporting back to cell phone or computer proprietary custom design and technology
  • Patent pending technology

The PSI Medsafe is designed to store a variety of medicines in a climate controlled environment with reporting capabilit ies back to the patient or user.

The PSI MedSafe can also store jewelry, weapons, documents, and other valuables or items

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