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Note: newswire also publishes company press releases, creates articles and podcasts on a one - off basis for companies but does not add individual disclosure here on this page for each company but the disclosure notice is included in each news release as all costs are the same based on services provided ranging from $199-$2000.

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(NDVA) INDIVA Limited (TSXV: NDVA.V) paid podcast October 16, 2018 - learn more about costs and services for podcast creation and distribution
(LXX) (LXRP) Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX) (OTC: LXRP) – one month media sponsorship of potcasts - cannabis news and stocks to watch plus insight from thought leaders and experts starting July 5 2018: two thousand five hundred
(SPEX) Spherix Incorporated (NASDAQ: SPEX) is a paid PR, media, social media and news client on effective March 26th 2018 for one week: three thousand
(MPLS) GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. (CSE: MPLS) is a paid PR , news and social media client on effective March 1, 2018: ten thousand five hundred per month
(FNQ) Fineqia International Inc. (CSE: FNQ) - paid PR, media, news publishing and social media client on Investorideas effective January 25, 2018 for 1 year - four thousand per month plus restricted stock options vested quarterly at .05
(SPO) SponsorsOne Inc. (CSE: SPO) - paid PR, media, news publishing and social media client on Investorideas effective January 8,2018 for fourty five days - twelve thousand six hundred
(TSXE) Enterprise Group, Inc. (TSX: E) - effective January 2018 featured news, social media and PR for three months - five thousand per month
(UPCO) Upco International Inc. (CSE: UPCO) is a paid news and social media , PR client effective December 29,2017 ( 100,000 options at fourty seven) for one year Stock Option Filing
CannaSOS CannaSOS CannaSOS is a paid PR, news and social media client on effective November 2017. InvestorIdeas will be compensated in perk coins for media and PR work on a three month contract.
(MARA) Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA) November 2017 - paid news PR and social media client on and - two months; eight thousand per month
(SCYB) Scythian Biosciences Corp. (TSXV: SCYB) is a paid featured company on the 420 Cannabis Investor Ideas Directory and is a paid featured cannabis company and biotech for news, social media and PR effective August 7th for 2 months (twelve thousand)
(RTON) Right On Brands, Inc. (OTC: RTON) featured news publishing, social media and PR client on effective July 27, 2017: two thousand five hundred per month
(CDB) Cordoba Minerals Corp. (TSX-V: CDB) (OTCQX: CDBMF) is a featured mining PR, news and social media client for June 2017 - one month: two thousand and five hundred per month
(PGLC) Pershing Gold Corporation (NASDAQ: PGLC) (TSX:PGLC) is a paid PR, media and news client effective June 2 107 for 2 months, ten thousand per month Investorideas has extended the contract for an additional two months for August /September at no charge
(USAU) U.S. Gold Corp. (NASDAQ: USAU) is a paid PR news distribution and social media client on effective June 1, 2017 - two months: ten thousand per month
(Zinc One) Zinc One Resources Inc. (TSXV:Z) (OTC:ZZZOF) is a featured mining PR, news and social media client for June 2017 - one month: five thousand per month via ad agency
(PKG) ParcelPal Technology Inc. (CSE: PKG) ParcelPal (CSE: PKG) is a paid PR, news and social media client on effective May 11, 2017 (two months one thousand per month with 200,000 options). Note the company CEO Kelly Abbott cancelled the stock options on Sept. 27th in a filing without notice to or cause and is in violation and breach of contract. Note to other vendors
(BKD) Breaking Data Corp. (TSX VENTURE:BKD) (OTC:BKDCF) Breaking Data Corp is a paid PR, news and social media client on effective May 2, 2017 (one month ten thousand per month with option to renew)
(SING) SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) is a paid PR news and social media client on for bitcoin and cannabis - starting April 6,2017 and renews quarterly and from time to time adds additional content (averages 2-3 thousand) and is also a paid featured company on the cannabis 420 Investor ideas directory (one-time fee of one thousand)
OpenLedger OpenLedger - private cryptocurrency platform - News publishing and social media: one thousand five hundred per month and equivalent in OBitz cryptocurrency starting January 18, 2017
(RGNP) Reign Corporation (OTCQB: RGNP) is a paid client effective September 28, 2016 for one month of news publication and social media: two thousand five hundred. Renewal March 22, 2017 one thousand per month and equivalent of $2000 per month in restricted shares.
(GNC) Gainey Capital Corp. (TSXV: GNC; OTCQX: GNYPF) has retained Investor ideas for 3 months starting September 16 2016 for news and social media marketing ; three thousand six hundred plus stock options: 50,000 at .20
(ATNM) Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: ATNM) One month news, social media and marketing retained by third party IRTH Communications starting September 19, 2016: three thousand per month
(CUG) Cyprium Mining Corporation (TSX-V: CUG and CUG.DB): six month news, PR and social media mining program for 9700 starting August 12, 2016. Effective December 23, 2016 company was removed from site and was in arrears /delinquent for non payment.
(GOPH) Gopher Protocol (GOPH) is a PR, social media and publishing client and compensates three months effective April 4, 2016 - three thousand five hundred per month Amended February 2018 five thousand per month. August 2018 - additional services - sponsor or Crypto Corner Two thousand per month discounted client rate
(QBIO) Q BioMed Inc. (QBIO) has retained for PR, media, news publication and social media effective February 5th 2016 for three months: two thousand five hundred per month.
(SIL.V) SilverCrest Metals Inc. (SIL.V) (OTCQB:SVCMF) effective January 2016 - annual news publication plan ($9700). August 2016 - one month additional PR and social media - five thousand for one month. January 2017 renewed annual mining showcase ($9700) for news publishing, social media and video
(IDGS) ID Global Solutions Corporation (IDGS) July 6th 2015: Investorideas has been retained for 6 months for PR, media and news distribution : $ two thousand five hundred per month and twenty five thousand 144 shares per month for a total of 1one hundred and fifty thousand shares.
(CDII) CD International Enterprises, Inc. (CDII) June 22, 2015 - has been retained for 2 weeks for PR, media and news dissemination: three thousand seven hundred and fifty.
(VYCO) Vycor Medical Inc. (VYCO) June 2, 2015 - The company has retained Investor Ideas for PR, media and news distribution: Five thousand per month, one month with option to renew.
(BITXF) Bit-X Financial Corp. (OTC: BITXF) six months for PR and media and news distribtuion; fifty thousand 144 shares per 3 months and $ two thousand five hundred compensations for services. Note the contract has not been paid in full and is currently entering small claims court litigation for non- payment and breach of contract ( December 2015)
(GLG) GLG Life Tech Corporation (TSX: GLG) April 9, 2014 - two months news and content publication , two thousand five hundred per month
(DNAP) DNA Precious Metals (OTC:DNAP) October 2013 - one month of news and content publication on Investorideas newswire and syndication partners and blogs (five thousand)
(MLOG) Microlog Corporation (OTC:MLOG) DBA NutraBev Holdings International, Inc ( three thousand five hundred first month plus 17,500 restricted shares for month two) for two month period effective August 2013

Investorideas did not receive shares in the company and contract expired after first month of service mutually
(BRTX) BioRestorative (OTC:BRTX) six month news program ( five thousand ) to be published on newswire and syndication and social media partners effective June 18 2013
(UMEWF) UMeWorld Limited (OTC:UMEWF) digital media /tech stock effective May 21 2013 , news publication and distribution on newswire : disclosure : two thousand per month for 2 months with option to renew. Renewed for June 2014 for one month, engaging Investor Ideas for news publication and distribution. (Compensation: one thousand for one month)
(XSNX) XsunX, Inc. (OTCQB: XSNX) solar stock news publication and distribution plus Q&A interview, one month for two thousand staring May 20 2013
(LMR.V) Lomiko Metals Inc. (LMR.V) - (TSX-V: LMR; OTC: LMRMF; FSE: DH8B, Europe: ISIN: CA54163Q1028, WKN: A0Q9W7) is an annual showcase mining company for news publication and distribution (seven thousand five hundred/ shares for services) effective May 2013 . Update : Investorideas was not issued any shares and is dispute with the company and the company was removed
(OTCBB:ESPH) Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. Disclosure: Ecosphere has engaged for news publication and media ( five thousand per month) effective July 22
(OTC:HSCC) Homeland Security Corporation (OTC:HSCC) - Featured homeland security and marijuana stock on; six months news and content distribution. Issuance of 144 shares equivalent to ten thousand per month. Investorideas was only issued shares for one month of service and subsequently resigned July 12,2013 due to terms not met
(OTCBB:HIIT) HII Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:HIIT) - one month profile and news distribution effective March 20, 2013: two thousand per month. August 2013 renewed for news distribution five hundred per month
(NASDAQ:NXTD) NXT-ID Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD) November 2013- five thousand per month for services: news publication, social media and media distribution. is long 144 shares from previous services. June 2014: renewed for one year, five thousand per month and average of two thousand five hundred 144 shares per month (based on cash equivalent). Renewal: As of January 1, 2015 NXT-Id renewed for five thousand per month and 144 shares for media and PR services and news publication (six thousand per month). Amended October 1, 2015 for one year - five thousand per month and fifteen thousand 144 restricted shares for PR, media and marketing. Renewed October 1 2016 seven thousand five hundred per month plus two thousand restricted shares per month - PR, Social media and news distribution. Renewal October 2017 five thousand per month and average of six thousand 144 shares per quarter. Renewal October 2017; five thousand per month; equivalent to five thousand per month 144 shares - news, PR, social media services.
(OTCQB:GNSZ) Genspera Inc. (OTCQB:GNSZ) has engaged Investor Ideas for PR and news publication effective June 18,2014 (compensation of five thousand per month and average of eleven thousand five hundred 144 shares per month)
(PSIQ) Profile Solutions, Inc. (OTC: PSIQ) Profile Solutions, Inc. (OTC: PSIQ) compensates Investorideas for media, PR and news publication: one year contract for one thousand per month and five thousand per month equivalent in 144 stock effective April 6,2015. Amended contract and renewal effective November 28 2016; two thousand five hundred per month and equivalent of five thousand per month in restricted shares for one year contract for news publication, PR, social media and marketing
(OTC:MDHI) Medical Alarm Concepts Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MDHI) - one month , March 2013 , news and content publication at and syndication blogs : disclosure :$ five thousand
(OTCQB:CHLO) China Logistics Group, Inc. (OTCQB:CHLO) - one month news publication and email distribution starting February 13, 2013. Disclosure: compensation : three thousand per week plus equivalent in shares
(OTC:CLPI) Calpian (OTC:CLPI) - compensates for news publishing and distribution and company profile: effective December 19th 2012: five thousand per month and 4000 144 shares in total for period
(OTCBB:DECN) Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTCBB:DECN) - effective Nov 15th 2012: - forty five day contract term. has been compensated for news and content /articles. DECN is an expired client. Investorideas sold 100,000 shares of original compensation and Investorideas holds 50,000 restricted shares one year 144 hold and in dispute with the company ; legend has not been removed as per restriction eligibility as of November 2013
(OTCBB:SUWN) Sunwin Stevia (OTCBB:SUWN) - is compensated by China Direct on behalf of SUWN, averaging four thousand two hundred per week for news publication, dissemination and profile on, its affiliate news and email sites . effective February 1, revised contract to two months showcase 40,000 144 shares. June 3, 2015 : has been retained for 2 weeks for PR , media and news dissemination: three thousand seven hundred and fifty.
(MWWCD) MWW Automotive Group (MWWCD) - one month showcase and news publication starting October 25 2012, disclosure: equivalent in six thousand in 144 shares. - this client has expired
(OTCBB: EFLO) EFL Overseas Inc. (OTCBB: EFLO) - Disclosure: was compensated by third party IR firm; three thousand five hundred for one month news publishing and distribution (one month starting October 24th)
(OTCQB: URBF) Urban Barns Foods Inc. (OTCQB: URBF) - URBF entered into a one month showcase and news agreement October 19: four thousand five hundred for news publication and distribution
(OTC: WRAP) WRAPmail (OTC: WRAP) - news release distribution and publishing with syndication network of sites and blogs; three thousand five hundred per week staring Aug 27 for two weeks
(SVL.V)(STVZF) SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SVL.V)(STVZF) - has compensated Investorideas for annual news publication and distribution and company profile: nine thousand seven hundred starting August 2012
(OTCBB:HRDN) DC Brands International (OTC:HRDN) - and its SMS partner Running Bull OTC have been compensated by HRDN for one month of news, email and sms: twenty five thousand - this client has expired August 2012
(OTCBB:CHCR) Comprehensive Care Corporation (OTCBB:CHCR) - one month advertising and news publication on and biotech portal: effective July 26 2012: four thousand by third party IR, may be expanded upon
(OTCBB:EVCA) EVCARCO INC (OTCBB:EVCA) - July 2010 - 4 months: Featured green showcase company: five thousand per month in equivalent 144 shares. February 2011, renewed and extended; 500,000 144 shares issued. Renewed July 2012 for three months for five hundred thousand 144 shares
(OTCBB:SPBU) Spare Backup, Inc. (OTCBB:SPBU) - contract not executed
(OTCBB:SBFM) Sunshine Biopharma, Inc. (OTCBB: SBFM) - SBFM has renewed effective December 3,2013 with Investorideas for six months of news publication and general public awareness of the company news and technologies and products in the biopharma markets (one hundred thousand shares of 144 stock per 3 month period for a total of six months)
(Private) Oceanic Environmental Solutions (private water company) - no payment; does own shares
(OTCQB:SLMU) Salamon Group Inc. (OTCQB:SLMU) - SLMU is a paid customer on, publishing press releases and company content on and our syndicated blogs and global partners effective March 14, 2012 (three months: one thousand per month and nine thousand equivalent in 144 shares) Note: was not issued any shares in SLMU as per original contract terms and the matter has gone to collections. puts a cautionary note to any investors or service providers considering investing in or working for this company
(OTCBB:PSID) PositiveID Corporation (OTCBB:PSID) - featured biotech company on for 3 months effective January 30,2012 . Compensation: two hundred fifty thousand 144 shares for news release and email distribution and company profile. Renewed July 2012 three thousand five hundred plus five hundred thousand 144 shares. PositiveID Corporation (PSID) May20 2013 - three months news publication and distribution plus company profile :one thousand five hundred plus 50,000 144 shares.
(OTCBB: CAAH) China America Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: CAAH) - One month online marketing paid for by third party Pearl Group; twelve thousand five hundred, to include CFA Commentary, email distribution with other partners and network of online media which are also compensated as part of this overall marketing (please read their disclosures)
(NasdaqGM: CDII) China Direct Industries, Inc. (NasdaqGM: CDII) - One month online marketing paid for by third party Pearl Group; twelve thousand five hundred, to include CFA Commentary, email distribution with other partners and network of online media
(TSXV: SVL.V) Silvercrest Mines (TSXV: SVL.V) - compensated for the dissemination and publishing of its news through site and subscribers and its partner sites for a two week program, for three thousand per week , starting November 14, 2011
(Other OTC: UHLN.PK) US HIGHLAND INC (Other OTC: UHLN.PK) - compensated five thousand for the dissemination and publishing of its news through site and subscribers and its partner sitesin addition to content creation and CFA commentary in October 2011
(OTCBB: FRCN) FIREMANS CONTRACTORS (OTCBB: FRCN) - Ten thousand for three months of advertising/ showcase at and related sites and blogs effective September 2011
(OTCBB: NYXO) NYXIO TECH CORP (OTCBB: NYXO) - Showcase tech stock (three thousand per per month, third party, starting August 1, 2011)
(OTCBB: ECDC) EAST COAST DIVERSIFD (OTCBB: ECDC) - Showcase RFID and Security Stock, four thousand per month effective July 10 2011
(OTCBB:PPRW) Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. (OTCBB:PPRW) - one month showcase on and related green portals and blogs June 14, 2011
(ASX:RFE) Red Fork Energy Limited (ASX: RFE) - showcase energy stock starting June 8 2011 - and energy blogs
(CYW.F) City Wind Mills, Ltd. (CYW.F) - is a paid advertising online wind stock on and green blogs (6 months - thirty five hundred per month, five thousand shares)
(OEDV.OB) Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. (OEDV.OB) - showcase oil and gas stock on (6 months starting May 24, 2011 thirty five hundred per month, 100,000 144 shares)
(OTCQB:VODG) Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. dba Vitro Biopharma (OTCQB:VODG) - showcase stem cell stock, one month, $one thousand, April - May 2011
(OTC.BB: TRKP) TurkPower Corporation (OTC.BB: TRKP) - showcase mining stock on May 18 2011 (6 months - 3500 per month 150,000 144 shares)
(TSX.V: CUI) (OTC: CUIRF) Currie Rose Resources Inc. (TSX.V: CUI) (OTC: CUIRF) - 3 month mining stock showcase profile staring April 28 2011, online mining conference May 25 (two thousand five hundred)
(OTC.BB:MIMV) Mimvi, Inc. (OTC.BB:MIMV) - company profile on - fifteen thousand 144 shares from third party
(OTCBB:GBSX) GBS Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB:GBSX) - The following profile was removed July 26th 2011 due to delinquent account status and non-payment as per contract with third parties and Winthrop Capital on behalf of MIMV and GBSX
(NASDAQ:AEMD) Aethlon Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:AEMD) - Showcase biotech, biodefense and defense stock on ($one thousand five hundred per month, $five thousand per month in 144 stock), Effective March 15, 2011 . AEMD has renewed several times : current : May 2012 6 month renewal for news publishing 4850 . AEMD renewed June 2013 for six months: three thousand per month for news publication and content publication. As of Feb 26,2014 - annual news publishing 9700 paid quarterly at 2425 per three months. October 28,2015 - Investorideas was retained for a 2 day social media campaign - compensated $ one thousand five hundred. Nov 23-24 2015 - one thousand five hundred for news publication and social media. August 11, 2016 - one month of PR. News publication and social media - two thousand five hundred
(OTCBB:CWET) Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCBB:CWET) - Featured green showcase company on and related cleantech portals starting January 2011 (one thousand per month)
Amended February 17, 2011 (fifteen hundred per month, one hundred thousand 144 shares for four months)
(OTCBB:VSUL) Visualant, Inc. (OTCBB:VSUL) - Featured showcase company on and related security portals and blogs. Starting Nov 24th, 3 months (4000 per month by third party)
(TSX VENTURE: ARW.V) Aroway Minerals Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ARW.V) - featured showcase energy stock on and related energy portals and blogs (2000 per month by a third party) starting Nov 22nd
(OTCBB: AAPH) American Petro-Hunter, Inc. (OTCBB: AAPH) - Oct 2010 - one month showcase energy stock on and energy portals and blogs (three thousand per month).

For the month of November, revised to twenty thousand for additonal advertising services. Renewed there after at prices averaging $4000 - see individual releases per payment
(OTCBB:ELAY) eLayaway® (OTCBB:ELAY) - Featured company on and tech stocks portal. Starting July 2010 for 6 months with option to renew. Fifteeen hundred per month plus five thousand 144 shares.
(OTCBB: AQUM) Urban Agricultural Corp (OTCBB: AQUM) - Featured Company on LOHAS stocks and Environment stocks, effective August 16 2010, two months, five thousand per month for two months plus 31250 restricted shares
(NGM:BPAX) Biosante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NGM:BPAX) - Featured biotech showcase stock via the Money Channel, effective August 17 2010; seven hundred fifty per month
(CRGE:PK) Clergen (CRGE:PK) - one week advertising and news /article distribution Oct 2010 - fifteen hundred by third party
(OTCBB:TUCN) TouchIT Technologies (OTCBB:TUCN) - showcase company on and tech portal - 3 months starting Sept 24 (seven hundred fifty per month)
(OTCBB:UVFT) UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: UVFT) - One month showcase company, news releases on and related biotech portal and blog (three thousand paid by third party) December 2010 - two thousand per month by a third party.
(OTCBB: TAON) TAO MINERALS LTD (OTCBB: TAON) - $2500 per month effective April 19th, one month paid by third party IR firm featured company full program on Investorideas and mining portals
(OTCBB: BLQN) Balqon Corporation (OTCBB: BLQN) - Featured showcase company- full interactive program on and green invstor portals - 3 months starting April 12th, $3000 month, third month free - special promotioanl offer. Paid by third pary on behalf of company.
(OTCBB:MBIT) MobileBits Corporation (OTCBB:MBIT) - featured showcase stock on and relevant tech portals - full program starting April 1 2010 - 4 months . $1500 per month and two thousand per month in 144 restricted stock.
(OTCPK:DTSL) Delivery Technology Solutions - (OTCPK:DTSL) - 6 month contract Sept 2009 for featured company on food and beverage and tech portals. Compensation 5 million shares (not issued), 2500 cash one time fee, $1500 month in shares equivalent (not issured). Revised March 2010 with new company/symbol/name change to 100,000 restricted shares
(VCTZF) Valcent Products Inc. (OTCBB:VCTZF) - Featured green stocks showcase - full online ad program of interactive content - March 2010 - one month, via third party marketing company- $3000 month .
(MNGA) MagneGas Corporation (OTCBB:MNGA) - Featured company on Investor Ideas and green investor portals starting date June 15 2009 for 3 month term. Fees of two thousand per month and three thousand five hundred per month equivalent in shares.
(OXPS) Optex Systems Holdings, Inc (OTCBB:OPXS) - 12 month contract $3000 month, 250,000 144 shares issued over 12 months March 2009-2010. * amended August 1 2009 to 250,000 144 shares issued over 12 months
(WSCE) WESCORP ENERGY INC (OTCBB:WSCE) - featured showcase company on water stocks, environment stocks, oil and gas stock news: 3 months with option to renew, commencing March 2009: $3500 per month plus 15,000 shares per month. Contract with 3rd party - non affiliate renewed for $3000 month and 100,000 shares
Renewed June 2010 for 6 months, 2500 per month plus 100,000 options at .25, third party
(YESD) YesDTC Holdings, Inc. (YESD.OB) - showcase company on and Music portal - 4 months starting Oct 2010 one time fee of five thousand cash and three hundred thousand 144 shares
(CABN) Carbon Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB:CABN) - $4000 month as green showcase company - Nov 2008 - 3 months
(OOIL) OriginOil, Inc. (OTCBB: OOIL) $4000 month as green showcase company -Nov 2008- 3 months
(CSKH) Clear Skies Solar Inc. - $5000 per month. Featured Company on and . Additionally the company was granted options exercisable at $1.50
(ESIV) Essential Innovations Technology Corp. - Featured company on and green portals for fee of equivalent to $5000 per month for the services rendered by ECON on the Company's behalf in 144 shares: Start Date for 1st 3 months - April 15 - End date July 15th - (issue on date of signing shares equivalent to 3 months worth of services - 300,000 shares @$.05/share = $15,000) In addition : 75,000 shares per quarter to be issued upon execution of each term.Start Date for 2nd 3 months - September 15th - End date December 15th - (issued at start date of 2nd phase shares equivalent for 3 months worth of services - 300,000 @$.05/share = $15,000In addition: 75,000 shares per quarter to be issued upon execution of each term. **** second term not executed and terminated. Fees outstanding at end of contract
(GOCH) Geeks On Call Holdings, Inc. - Featured Company on and . $5000 month plus 50,000 144 shares pro rata over one year contract
(GWSC) GWS Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: GWSC) Green showcase company one year agreement Dec 2008 $50,000 equivalent in restricted 144 stock
(IBTGF) International Barrier Technology, Inc. - 100,000 stock options. Featured Company on
(MVTG) Mantra Venture Group - Two thousand per month plus 150,000 144 shares over 12 months for featured greentech program # 2 on and environment and China portal. Revised in September to 144 shares only , no cash payments.
Company removed from site April 15 2009 for non payments
(OXPS) OptionsXpress Holdings, Inc - Is an® content partner and does not compensate us for this relationship. Featured Company on Additionally® has joined the OptionsXpress Associate Marketing Program.
(ROTB) Rotoblock Corporation - Two thousand five hundred per month equivalent in shares . Featured Company Program #2 , China portal and India portal.
(DXS) Spade Defense Index  - Is an® content partner and does not compensate us for this relationship. Featured Company on
(PFW) Neil Berlant and PFW do not currently compensate but provide content for the and portals
(USVO) USA Video Interactive Corp. - Compensation - Renewed April 3, 2008 $4000 month, 200,000 options. Renewed April 2009 - options only. 400,000 at .05 Featured Company and

ZAP - (OTCBB:ZAAP) is removed from as a showcase company effective November 4th 2008 as a result of a dispute regarding outstanding compensation and other issues. As of February 2010 the company owes the equivalent of an electric vehicle or $15,000 . The matter is currently with a collection agency on behalf of

Previous - Two thousand five hundred per month equivalent in shares for one year commencing Nov 2006, discounted as courtesy to previous sponsorship of InvestorIdeas® Greentech Investor Contest.. Featured Company® has also joined the ZAP affiliate program. Renewed in 2007 for 2 years.Additionally founder - separate 6 month consulting agreement for the equivalent of $60,000 in shares and 2 year agreement for $65000 in shares.
(IBOT) July 2008 - $5000 per month (2 months) for green investor showcase program #1. 40,000 144 shares . Program terminated Investor info and Regulation for Pinks sheets: - click here
OTC Volume Leaders Private company: is compensated for publishing news releases on behalf of the company starting July 2010. Regualr new fees are $75 per news release. The company has been given a bulk discount rate as a monthly rate.

420 Cannabis Investor ideas Disclaimer

Disclaimer: This directory is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities or products or services charges a fee for placement. The directory is not an endorsement or recommendation but meant to be an investor resource/ due diligence tool. Disclosure: Companies Featured on the 420 Cannabis Investor Ideas have paid a one-time fee of Up to $1000 to be featured on the directory basic company profile and news publication combination (averaging $500 per month)

Feburary 1st 2010 Public companies:

Mining company - AMI Resources Inc. (TSX.V: AMU)

Homeland Security Company: United Protection Services Inc.(TXS.V:UZZ)

March 1st 2010 Mining companies:

Rye Patch Gold (TSX.V: RPM)

Tombstone Exploration (OTCBB: TMBXF)

March 8th 2010:

Hemiwedge Industries (OTCPK: HWEG)

March 10th 2010:

Gold Bullion Development Corp. (TSX VENTURE: GBB.V) - extended ongoing into 2012

March 15th 2010:

Middlesex Water Company (NASDAQ:MSEX)

April 2010:

Indigo-Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: IDGG) Energy Showcase Stock

May 2010 (3 months)

Wildcat Exploration Ltd. (TSX-V:WEL) Showcase Mining Stock

Rodinia Minerals Inc. (TSX VENTURE: RM.V)(OTCQX: RDNAF)(PINK SHEETS: RDNAF.PK) Mining showcase May 2010 - 3 months

Yale Resources Ltd. (TSX-V - YLL and Frankfurt - YAB) - ongoing May 2010-2011 five hundred per month discounted rate

June 2010

North Arrow Minerals Inc. (NAR - TSXV) = Mining showcase 3 months

Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (OTCPK:ADMD) Biotech/Pharma showcase stock - one year, minimum 3 months

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC.BB:XDSL) showcase nanotech 2010 extended ongoing into 2012

InvestorIdeas® is currently compensated by featured showase companies, news release submissions, company profiles , text links and online advertising.

Additional notes:® and or staff may hold positions in stocks from time to time separate from compensation.

Columnist Disclaimer: our featured columnists are freelance writers and may or may not hold positions in the companies discussed. Please read individual disclaimers.

Nothing in the articles should be construed as an offer or solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any specific products or securities. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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