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The New Social Network for the People - 6 Ways is the Better Social Network


SPRINGFIELD, Ohio - April 6, 2018 ( Newswire) Megga Inc. introduces, a revolutionary social network that cuts the fat but keeps many of the same functions and features as Facebook.

Megga, Inc. believes that users deserve to benefit from their data and time. transfers all the net revenue back to users - a new user-centric internet model. Based on the #deletefacebook movement it appears that millions of users are looking for something better and is exactly that.

Here are six ways is the better social media option for you.

6. is easy to navigate. For example, it has a specific section for schools where people can go to connect with their high school, college or a related organization like a fraternity or sorority or a school club or sport.

5. It is cleaner and simpler to use than other social networks that try to bring dozens of functions into their app. keeps all the extraneous functions outside the app.

4. Because it's part of the platform, one login allows users to easily move from to another app.

3. allows users to customize multiple news feeds - as opposed to other social apps that force users to receive news they pick.

2. As a user-focused platform, does not allow direct access to its user data and user accounts by any third party.

1. And the best part is it's on the platform so users of earn points as they use the site - the points can be redeem later for cash. is now available in a Beta version for desktop but the new approach is already gaining ground. The mobile app for Android and Apple are coming soon.

In summary:

6. Easy to navigate

5. Clean and simple

4. Access to other apps through meggalife platform

3. Custom news feed

2. Don't sell your data or look the other way while others scrape it

1. Earn points that are redeemable for cash

About Megga

Meggalife is an online platform that benefits users and protects their data privacy. It is offered by Megga, Inc., a subsidiary of HUTN Inc. Meggalife has been under development for two years and was funded by EF Hutton, an affiliated leader in digital finance and investment services. For more information, visit - investing ideas in tech stocks - mobile payments, social media, AI and Robotics, Drone Stocks, GPS, Internet of Things (IoT)

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