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WordLogic Corp. (WLGC) Strong IP Position in Predictive Text, Ease of Use and Contextual Search Technology Well Worth Defending

August 12, 2014 ( newswire) The input and raw computing power limitations of mobile devices like phones and tablets has created a boom market for the power of WLGCs predictive text technology, which enables a faster, more intelligent, and easier way to type on touch screens. iKnowU actually pays attention and studies the text that is being input, leveraging a powerful proprietary engine to rapidly offer guesses as to what the user wants to type, highlighting the next most likely used letters and showing buttons with the most likely words or phrases as well.

Selling its predictive text technology since as early as 2001, WLGC has carved out an enviable IP position in the area and is going strong with their latest effort, a release of their award-winning iKnowU Gen4 keyboard enabled with the company's proprietary REACH™ technology. REACH takes the already revolutionary predictive text/phrase and word chunking technology in the iKnowU platform and supercharges it with the ability to pull in a vast array of contextually related data. The ease of use/improved functionality that comes with not having to exit the core app being run by the user in order to grab data from web sources or other device locations, transcends the clumsy, laborious experience common for most mobile users when putting together an email or text message that contains items like email addresses, specific locations, or other complicated text the user might like to cut and paste.

The ability to input an entire sentence in the time it typically takes most mobile users to put in a single word, makes the iKnowU keyboard's predictive technology a real time saver, but REACH takes it a step further and allows the user to quickly grab data from a web source or another app without switching apps, by "reaching" into those sources via the integrated panel. The seamlessness of this functionality obliterates the current paradigm and will likely save many fingers from being cramped by hours of tedious texting. Being able to rapidly grab data from calendars, maps, Dropbox, email or other sources, while in the midst of typing a text message, fluidly composing things with ease, is not something smartphone and tablet users are accustomed to. This level of rapid functionality in an on-screen keyboard almost seems too good to be true until one has actually used it, after that it seems second nature and most users wonder how they ever got along without it.

A clear indicator of the company's strong IP position in predictive text can be seen in their recent initiation of litigation against SwiftKey developers TouchType Ltd., whose extremely popular eponymous app is alleged in the patent infringement suit as violating one of WLGC's key IP positions (patent #8552984). With over a decade developing some of the most groundbreaking intuitive keyboard technologies available today and significant skin in the game, WLGC has moved decisively to assert their leadership and defend the considerable investment of time and resources that is evident in their patent portfolio. iKnowU is the only real contender for SwiftKey at the moment and SwiftKey's awareness of WLGC's patents, as well as the breakdown of license discussions between the two companies that had been taking place, is a clear indication to many analysts that upstart SwiftKey knows they are plucking at the master's wreath here.

Mobile users would like to do anything and everything desktop users can do. Indeed, many of us are both and understand this problem implicitly. The problem is usability and that's what makes WLGC so attractive as a company, both from a short term and from a longer-term growth perspective. The potential of predictive text technology has yet to be tapped fully and WLGC has already put together a compellingly robust set of high-performance offerings in the field while staying mindful of the end user's privacy, a combination that should continue to produce bottom line results for shareholders as the technology matures further and more of the market seeks out/embraces such time-saving and intuitive technology.

The company's patent-pending, context-aware, REACH Advertising Search offering lets users search in a dynamic fashion as well, all without leaving the app they are using, via the iKnowU keyboard overlay. Timely, location-aware search for mobile that is context-driven changes everything when it comes to transforming the mobile experience for end users. Unprecedented levels of intuitive accessibility for users is just the beginning of the revelation though, as the impact for the gigantic global pay-per-click ad market is even more profound.

The first real-time keystroke driven contextual and location-based marketing solution out there, REACH gives advertisers, marketers and device developers a sweeping new way to generate revenue without other apps or external technologies. Partnerships with deal consolidators like Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN) also represent a developing revenue stream for WLGC and the eventual impact for consumers, who can become aware of and benefit from a wide variety of local deals, will likely continue to drive the bottom line for such partnerships in years to come.

Learn more about WordLogic by visiting their website at

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Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Bridges Mobile Divide

Canada-based Consorteum Holdings is focused on marketing and licensing mobile software worldwide. Since its founding in 2011, the company has worked on building relationships and developing licensing agreements that will allow it to take center stage in the emerging mobile gaming market. It specializes in delivering mobile content, mobile payment solutions, and products through license agreements, on-deck partnerships, and joint venture revenue share arrangements.

Consorteum operates as a technology and services aggregator to meet its clients' diverse needs. The company leverages various products and services to develop end-to-end, turn-key card and payment transaction processing solutions, and has developed extensive experience within the payments and transaction industry in North America and beyond.

The company has the resources to bring rich mobile content to end-users who will use their smart phones in ways that could not have been imagined a mere five years ago. Two of its offerings include:

  • CAPSA Mobile Platform

Consorteum's proprietary CAPSA mobile platform is a mobile content delivery solution that provides digital media to mobile handsets, and enables the secure transmission of financial information to individual handset owners. Since 2011, Consorteum has been focused on licensing the CAPSA software platform for use in the vertical markets surrounding mobile sports betting and casino gaming.

  • Universal Mobile Interface

Through its subsidiary ThreeFiftyNine, Consorteum has access to the Universal Mobile Interface (UMI) solution which will open up opportunities in multiple business verticals. The UMI supports over 1,500 different handset/tablets; contains multiple security functions including geo-location technologies; and offers the company a unique way of delivering optimum display content and device functionality to any mobile device.

By working with the most technically-advanced global solutions available today, Consorteum is able to create personalized programs for maximum results. This approach allows for extreme flexibility with the solutions presented, resulting in the faster, smarter implementation of technologies, in competitive pricing, and in promise of new income streams.

Consortuem is aware of the intricacies involved in delivering digital media content across mobile devices. The different operating systems, user interfaces, and form factors involved create barriers to the effortless launch of commercial initiatives. As a result, Consorteum's mobile solutions combine a hybrid mobile application with a thin client server platform, allowing it to deliver thin client applications to mobile devices.

Consorteum's mobile initiatives are intended to benefit multiple business verticals. In fact, the company has intentionally designed its initiatives to create recurring transactions in the future. Consorteum's goal is for its clients to see themselves as partners rather than just technology providers in order to create more lucrative and long-lasting relationships.

For more information, visit

True Drinks Holdings, Inc. (TRUU) - An International Brand in the Making

True Drinks Holdings promotes a healthier beverage choice for kids, young adults and their guardians. Based in Irvine, California, the company is focused on developing, marketing, selling, and distributing AquaBall, a naturally flavored water, and Bazi, an all natural energy drink. AquaBall is vitamin-enhanced, dye-free, zero-calorie, and sugar-free, an alternative to juices and sodas, and available in multiple flavors—berry, fruit punch, orange and grape. Bazi is a liquid nutritional supplement drink.

A significant portion of True Drinks' operations involves securing licensing agreements with major media and entertainment companies for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles. This is a brilliant business move because the entertainment and media characters initially attract True Drinks' target consumers—children, teens, and parents—to its bottles. These customers, however, continue to consume the company's beverage because of its refreshing taste and healthy benefits. True Drinks supplies its beverages online and through retail channels, including grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and drug stores.

Since its inception in 2008, True Drink has strived to make AquaBall a global brand and to share its brand with children and parents all over the world. In 2012, the company rebranded, changing its name from True Drinks, Inc. to True Drinks Holdings, Inc., to herald its intention to pursue bigger, better opportunities and carefully chosen strategic partnerships with world-class distributors. In so doing, True Drinks made these strategic relationships the foundation for its international growth and entrée into emerging markets.

All over the world, the company is finding that its drinks' "better for you" attributes are resonating and starting a global movement, and it is pleased to be a leader when it comes to healthy hydration. Now, the company is focused on key components of its overall growth strategy, including establishing and maintaining a worldwide presence and positioning its brands in foreign and domestic markets in the US, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information, visit the company's website at

Petro River Oil Corp. (PTRC) - An Unconventional Oil and Gas Driller and Explorer

Petro River Oil is making the unconventional conventional. An independent exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas, Petro River Oil is focused on drilling, recompletions, and applying advanced technology to typical and atypical oil and gas assets.


Petro River is involved in the exploration and exploitation of heavy oil properties with primary holdings in Kansas and Oklahoma. The company has significant interests in approximately 115,000 acres of oil and gas assets in the Mississippi Lime play. This encompasses total interest in 120 oil and gas leases that cover approximately 85,000 mineral acres located in various counties in Kansas.


The company's current operations are focused on the Mississippi Lime Play and fully utilize its experienced personnel's experience, knowledge, and drilling techniques. Petro River is driven to use their expertise both in the region and in similar formations to develop hydrocarbon-prone resources with challenging and/or constricted features which will, in turn, create value for the company and shareholders.


Petro River's leadership believes that a company can only be as successful as the people leading it and that investing in human capital is the best indicator of a successful venture. As a result, the company has filled its team with some of the oil and gas industry's finest minds and placed them across functional roles. The roster includes former national oil company leaders, world renowned geologists, and former operations and technology experts from major oil companies. With such esteemed minds on board, management is convinced that the knowledge and experience each member brings to the team will contribute to Petro River's overall growth and development, especially as they continue to build the business.

For more information, visit the company's website at

SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) - A High-Tech Payment Solution Provider

SinglePoint is a leading mobile technology, mobile payment and mobile marketing organization. The company was established in 2006 to develop a suite of indispensable mobile products and services to businesses looking to simplify their payment and marketing processes. From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, SinglePoint serves auctions, religious organizations, nonprofits, recreational and medicinal cannabis businesses and other consumer-driven businesses.

SinglePoint connects its customers to their end markets by delivering the tools they need to create, launch, and manage their mobile marketing and payment systems. The company provides a collection of point-of-sale services, including mobile payment, bidding, and donation solutions, mobile debit and credit card checkout, mobile marketing, outreach, and non-mobile payment services. These tools also support companies looking to improve customer loyalty and increase sales and donations.

SinglePoint's inventive business solutions are offered using enterprise-level technology for business-to-business commerce. Its state-of-the-art mobile commerce and communication platform enables its commercial and non-profit clients to perform business transactions, collect donations and manage targeted communication campaigns with their customers or donors through any mobile device. The platform was specially designed to serve the needs of these sectors and, with the use of a mobile device, to instantly make their campaigns interactive.

SinglePoint makes every effort to work with the best and brightest forward-thinkers in order to bring its customers the newest technology. The company innovates and consistently improves its technologies, staying ahead of industry changes, and is invested in its customers' successes, operating flexibly, responsive, ethically and responsibly. In short, it provides its customers with a unique experience.

Ultimately, SinglePoint's success is built on the trust its customers have in it and the company's commitment to their success. Along with being a full-service mobile application provider and mobile marketing agency, SinglePoint is indeed a cutting-edge payment solution provider.

For more information, visit the company's website at

American Sands Energy Corporation (AMSE) - An Emerging Oil Sand Producer

American Sands Energy is poised to become one of the first oil sand producers in the United States. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, ASEC is a development-stage, pre-production oil company. Its primary operations are in Utah and its focus on unconventional oil deposits in the state. Using cutting-edge technology, the company intends to efficiently extract oil and other naturally-occurring hydrocarbons contained in oil sands, shale and similar geologic structures common in the Mountain West region of North America.

AMSE has leased a large oil sands deposit in Utah containing approximately 150 million barrels (net P50) of recoverable bitumen. The corporation has the rights to mine oil sand ore and extract bitumen from the private property which covers approximately 1,800 private acres of prime oil sand deposits in the Sunnyside area near Price, Utah. The planned plant and mine site is approximately seven miles from an existing power plant, rail head, and major state highway. The site is accessible by county road and will be served by existing power lines. Initial production from the Sunnyside location is planned at 5,000 barrels per day and expected to begin by the summer of 2016. Already, AMSE is raising capital to build out a facility in Central Utah to process the oil sands from the leases it has acquired. Additionally, the company plans to gain rights to another 500 million barrels of reserves in the area.

AMSE has licensed technology from Universal Oil Recovery Corp, which has a proprietary solvent and process that allows for a clean, low energy process. The process operates without water and at a cost well below competitive approaches. It creates no tailing ponds, emissions, or waste products that would require containment or disposal permits, thus eliminating critical environmental concerns.

The company's extraction and recovery process mixes a proprietary solvent with the oil sands and separates the oil (in the form of bitumen) from sand. The sand is then re-heated allowing the solvent to be recaptured and recycled for reuse. The process results in separated and clean dry sand that can be placed back into the environment, used in mining operations, or potentially sold as high grade industrial or consumer sand. It also results in bitumen, which can be used in its natural form in road paving operations or processed into other products.

AMSE's approach is based on industry-changing innovations and creates a new paradigm for recovering oil sand deposits in the Western United States. The technology has been tested on a pilot plant for the past two years and has been proven to work efficiently. The process has also proven successful in laboratory tests on oil sands from the Green River Formation in Utah. Most importantly, the validity of this technology has been demonstrated through the operation of a prototype extraction unit. In short, AMSE's approach results in a significantly reduced environmental footprint coupled with a high degree of operational efficiency so there is a high level of anticipation that the company's operating permit, submitted to the Utah Department of Oil, Gas and Mining in early 2014, will be approved later this year.

For more information, visit the company's website at

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) On Track Fulfilling Management's Goal to Up-List

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. has announced today that in association with MaloneBailey, LLP, the company is on track to comply with 1934 Act, as part of its goal to up-list to a more equitable exchange. This decision represents management's goal to have the process completed by the close of the third quarter thus resulting in a refreshed corporate confidence supported by its affirmed values.

"We are confident that the completion of our first international acquisition is imminent," added Ken Chua, President of Oriens Travel & Hotel Management. "I will be traveling with our team once again to Central America this month, looking to conclude pending matters. It is only appropriate that we immediately plot a course to up-list and take our Company to the next level. This first international purchase alone will positively impact the intrinsic value of Oriens dramatically."

The Company has publicly announced the pending acquisition of BW Point Condominium Trust LLC SRL's interest in the 15-story, forty-four unit beach front condo and hotel building at Costa Rica's Jaco Beach. However, references have been made regarding other transactions taking place simultaneously. Management is on record as saying that all of the Costa Rican opportunities complement the re-launch of both Friendly Reservation Online (FROL) and the company's hotel brand. The result is the addition of millions in asset values and immediate revenues for positive cash flows.

The company aims to continue providing the highest level of transparency possible through its ‘Current Filer' status with OTC Markets. Following 2nd & 3rd quarters, management expects that as the audit is completed, Oriens will file Form 10, meet the requirements of the 1934 Act, and report Q1 (2015) as a Fully Reporting Company.

"This is the beginning of our journey to the Nasdaq Capital Markets," noted Chua. "We are more than excited that the audit process has been initiated. The results should be impressive enough to expand our up-list options as well as those strategies being explored to aggressively spur shareholder potential."

OTHM's endeavors are focused on the operation of hotels and resorts in the United States and Central America under the Hotel PURE brand. The company also operates Friendly Reservations Online, a proprietary and sophisticated online booking system designed to execute reservations capture through Hotel PURE websites, as well as individual hotel websites operated by Oriens on behalf of hotels branded under the Hotel PURE brand.

For more information on the company, visit

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