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Visiongain Research Reports

Visiongain - is one of the fastest growing and most innovative independent media companies in Europe. Based in London, UK, visiongain produces a host of business-2-business conferences, newsletters, management reports and e-zines focusing on the Telecoms, Pharmaceutical and Defense sectors.

Mobile gambling: Identifying winning market strategies

Publication Date: 17/11/05
Pages: 101

The mobile gambling market is poised for rapid expansion as gambling operators develop their remote operations. Companies in the m-gambling value chain are positioning themselves and visiongain believes mobile gambling will begin in earnest in Q2 2006. Find out the potential of this market by buying this latest visiongain report, “Mobile gambling: Identifying winning market strategies”.

The number of gamblers who use mobile devices to gamble is currently small. This is because of the presence of a limited number of gambling operators offering this particular channel to their customers, and also because of the small number of devices that are suited for mobile gambling activities.

This is, however, expected to change as regulatory, technical and other challenges are gradually overcome. As these are resolved, gambling operators are expected to begin actively marketing mobile gambling to their customers, starting in the middle of 2006.

This report answers questions, such as:

  • What lessons can mobile gambling learn from online gambling?
  • Which types of mobile gambling will be most popular in the future?
  • How will the market evolve and develop by 2010?
  • What issues affect the success and take-up of mobile gambling and how will they be resolved?
  • What is the mobile gambling value chain and business model?
  • What are operators and end-user attitudes to mobile gambling?

This report also:

  • Identifies and analyses the main segments of the mobile gambling market
  • Analyses legal attitudes towards mobile gambling by region
  • Outlines the main market players and evaluates their solutions and strategies
  • Provides detailed forecasts for mobile gambling revenues worldwide, by region, as well as by type, including low-stakes gambling, sport betting and casino type gambling

Based on extensive interviews with players across the value chain, this 100+ page report examines the significance and impact that mobile gambling will have on the gambling and cellular industries. It outlines and examines the various solutions offered by leading vendors on the market and offers a comprehensive assessment of the attitudes and expectations of end-users. Advice on pricing and pricing levels are also discussed for different segments of the market.

Why you should buy this report:

  • Mobile network operators: Understand how mobile gambling services will function, how they can affect your business and which vendors are prominent in the market
  • Vendors and gambling operators: Find out the potential size of the market and the expectation end-users have of the services and products being developed
  • Investors: Identify the leading market players and understand the revenue potential of the mobile gambling market by segment.

Executive Summary PDF: click here

The 4G Report 2005: Changing the wireless value chain

"4G " doesn't just define a standard, it describes an environment were radio access methods will be able to interoperate to provide communications sessions that can seamlessly " hand-off " between them. More than any other technology, 4G will have a profound impact on the entire wireless landscape and the total value chain. It is never too early to understand it.

4G is happening now and there is fierce activity in R&D and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). According to the 4G Mobile Forum, there were only eight organizations involved in 4G R&D in 2000. By 2003, that number had expanded to over 2,500 bodies worldwide. This unique report looks at the main companies, organizations and governments that are playing an active part in 4G’s development. Visiongain published the first commercial report on 4G over 4 years ago - Discover how the market has developed and how those changes effect you.
  • Some of the key questions answered by this report include:
  • How will 4G affect your wireless value chain?
  • How should operators, vendors and application providers position themselves in the 4G space?
  • When will 4G happen, what is the 4G timeline and how will it affect you?
  • What services and applications will 4G enable?
  • What are the challenges faced in making 4G a reality?
  • How much will it cost?

This vital 90+ page report delivers an in-depth look at the current state of development in 4G. It provides you with an outlook for future developments and opportunities, that you need to understand today.
By purchasing this report you will learn about:

  • The latest technological elements of 4G and how they will interoperate with each other;
  • Up-to-the-minute analysis of 4G opportunities and how to profit from them;
  • Who are the most influential companies, organizations and government bodies making 4G happen;
  • The benefits that 4G will bring to you throughout the value chain.

Executive Summary PDF: click here

VoIP evolution in the US: from fixed to wireless

In 2005, global VoIP revenue will grow to more than $80 billion, with North America contributing around 3 per cent of revenues. But what will this be by 2010? What will be the percentage migration of traffic from the PSTN to VoIP? Is the US market going to drive the growth? This report provides a timely in-depth analysis of the US VoIP market, as well as wireless VoIP.

Some of the key questions answered by this report include:

  • How will VoIP affect fixed-line and wireless operators?
  • How will cable companies market VoIP?
  • Who will grab the biggest VoIP market share in the US?
  • What are the expectations for wireless VoIP and will they be met?
  • Will wireless broadband become a real threat to wireless carriers?
  • What are the challenges faced in making VoIP a reality?
  • How will the government regulate the VoIP market?
  • Are big brands such as AOL and Yahoo poised to repeat Skype's success?

The low cost of VoIP is the major driving factor for its adoption. With US broadband penetration over 30 per cent, VoIP acceptance will be achieved. But will the recent E911-compliance requirements imposed by FCC add costs to customers' bill? What will the cost be as networks get ready for the Universal Service Fund.

As for the wireless carriers, the emergence of voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) and hybrid cellular/Wi-Fi phones poses a dilemma. Both present an opportunity and a threat to mobile operators, one they will quickly have to develop a strategy for. Globally, around 10,000 dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular phones were sold in 2004 and their exponential growth will drive wireless VoIP into the mass-market.

This report investigates the developments of the VoIP market in the US, with a special focus on wireless VoIP. This report looks at residential VoIP service offerings by fixed-line operators, cable companies and VoIP start-ups. The report explores some of the pros, cons and obstacles with bringing this technology to market. Business models are examined, as are strategies and solutions of the major players in the market.

What are the implications of companies such as Skype, and Skype's entry into the mobile phone arena.

Recommendations are provided to help companies understand the market threats and opportunities.

This 90+-page report serves as an in-depth analysis of the current state of development in the US VoIP market, and also provides an outlook for future developments and opportunities.

By purchasing this report you will learn about:

  • The latest government regulations on VoIP in the US and worldwide
  • The US VoIP subscriber growth and revenue forecast for 2005-2010
  • The global VoWLAN handsets in use forecast for 2005-2010
  • A detailed study on the US broadband market
  • An analysis of the VoIP service offerings in the US
  • Business models, strategies and solutions of the major players in the market
  • The strategy of Skype and its growth forecast
  • The benefits that wireless VoIP will bring to business segment
  • The impact of wireless broadband on wireless operators

Executive Summary PDF: click here

Chinese Mobile Telecoms 2005-2010: Understanding the world's biggest market

Easily beating Vodafone to the crown of the world's biggest wireless telecoms operator, China Mobile operates primarily in its home market, which in turn is the biggest in the world. What do you really know about the Chinese wireless market? What do you know about the major players? What impact are foreign companies having on entry to this marketplace? What impact will these Chinese companies have when they start to invest in markets outside of their own?

With the largest population in the world and much recent progress towards becoming a major superpower market, China is fast becoming a key market to watch for companies in many industries. Having a fast evolving telecoms infrastructure, China is experiencing rapid growth in subscriber additions, and yet the penetration rate is still below 30 per cent. Visiongain's latest management report, " Chinese Mobile Telecoms 2005-2010: Understanding the world's biggest market " , provides you with a vital understanding of the competitive landscape of this massively important market.

Foreign investment is seen as a strong element to China's economic growth, so the market presents many opportunities to get involved, discover how the telecoms market especially offers much room for growth. Does your company have a presence in China? If so, how can you best leverage this? If you currently have no presence, how will you go about entering this massive-growth market, or at least considering if you should?

By reading this report you will find out:
  • How the domestic Chinese handset market is developing, and the strategies adopted by major domestic and foreign vendors
  • Why China has become such a major manufacturing hub for the global supply of handsets
  • How the local regulatory body is starting to encourage foreign investment
  • How mobile data services are expected to grow in China and what opportunities this will bring for content providers
  • Which mobile technologies are currently being offered and which are expected to flourish in the future

This report also provides you with comprehensive forecasts of the market including: handset replacement rates, subscriber figures for each of the major technologies (including 3G), mobile data adoption, total market subscribers and handset production shipments through 2005 to 2010.

Discover the answer to the following questions and more:

  • How will 3G prosper in China and which companies will participate in its anticipated growth?
  • What percent of mobile users in China will subscribe to 3G services by 2010?
  • What trends will be followed in the Chinese mobile market?
  • Where does China stands relative to other major mobile markets such as in India, US, Europe and Taiwan?
  • What threats and opportunities foreign and domestic players in China are likely to face, and how to benefit from them

This 130+ page report focuses on China's highly competitive mobile market, especially for handset vendors and mobile operators, with continuous pressures to shorten time-to-market, enhance asset utilization and master complexity of technology. If you are looking to capitalise on the blossoming Chinese mobile market, then you cannot afford to miss this vital country report.

Executive Summary PDF: click here

The World Biotech Market 2005


The biopharmaceutical market has undergone rapid expansion since its emergence thirty years ago. No longer is the market confined to growth hormones, insulin and red blood cell stimulating agents. Innovative science driven by the 2001 human genome project is accelerating the market into targeting a huge range of diseases from growth deficiency to arthritis to multiple sclerosis and orphan diseases such as Fabry's disease.

Visiongain values the 2005 biopharma market at $70.8bn. Having grown 16.5% from 2004's revenues of $60.7bn, double-digit growth of the market will continue to the end of the decade. Composed of 9 major therapeutic areas including oncology, anti-infectives, vaccines and the market leader blood disorders, the market by 2010 is expected to represent 17% of all prescriptions written compared with 2004's 12%. At this pace of growth, biotech is now outgrowing Big Pharma.

At present the US dominates the biotech market and will do so for the rest of the forecast period. Japan and the EU will see a fall in global market share, whilst the Asia-Pacific region will see high levels of unprecedented growth.
Biotech companies however still face major challenges. The threat of the emergence of biogenerics is mounting, with 11 products facing patent expiry before 2007- 5 of which are blockbusters. The Australian approval of his Sandoz's Omnitrope hGH product is paving the way, and increasing pressure upon EU and US regulatory agencies to give the go ahead to biogenerics.

Designed as an essential business aid, World Biotech, 2005 provides a thorough and evaluation of the market that is of excellent value. This extensive report has the following chapter headings:

1. Executive Summary of the World Biotech Market
2. An Introduction to Biopharmaceuticals
3. Diseases treated by Biopharmaceuticals
4. Overview of Biopharmaceuticals Market, 2003-2004
5. Company Revenues and Market Share, 2004
6. Biopharmaceutical Pipeline, 2005
7. Biopharmaceutical Market Forecast by Therapeutic Area, 2003-2010
8. Summary of 2010 Biopharmaceuticals Market
9. Introduction to Biogenerics
10. The Potential Biogeneric Market
11. Biopharmaceutical Market Challenges
12. Venture Capitalism and Biotech
13: The Global Biopharmaceutical Market by Region, 2003-2010
14: The Human Genome Project and Its Influence on the Biotech Industry
15: Conclusion: Big Pharma Must Invest into the Biotech Arena

The report provides in-depth market analysis for all top-selling current and major potential products to arrive before the decade ends. The report extensively identifies biopharmaceuticals market potential by analysing the latest clinical trial research. The study also examines the challenges faced by potential biotech companies and opportunities newcomers to the arena.

Why You Must Buy This Report?

This 262 paged report spanning 15 chapters features over 80 tables, 85 graphs and charts, news, insights and the latest developments. Over 120 companies are mentioned in this up-to-date report, which reviews 2004 revenues for all the biopharmaceutical products featured within the market.

Executive Summary and Overview PDF: click here for Summary  -  click here for Overview

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